Rural Satellite Internet Hughsnet vs Wildblue

Rural Satellite Internet Hughsnet vs Wildblue

Thinking about a satellite Internet service if you live in a rural area, if so forget about Wildblue. Just about this time last year, I got so tired of dial-up ( our sanctuary is in an area were you can’t even get DSL) I started asking around about a satellite service for my PC.

After checking out both Wildblue and Hughsnet, I unfortunately choose Wildblue. I went with Wildblue’s Pro Package, for 90 bucks a month, right from the start I kept on losing the signal. Could it have been the weather in some cases maybe, but there was only a couple of times the weather was bad enough to lose the Direct TV signal while the Internet connection is routinely lost.

The installation wasn’t the best, even though I told the installation company reps it was OK, what did I know.

Ten days ago I got so tired of only having a signal half the time with Wildblue, that I had Hughsnet install their satellite on our other computer.

Not only was the quality of the installation excellent (now I know better), but you can’t even compare reliability. The Hughsnet Internet service has been working 100% of the time, while Wildblues service is ,well not working again.

You learn by your mistakes, so I would like you to learn from mine. Don’t waste your money buying Wildblue’s (mybluedish).

Oh yea, when wildblue does decide to work, Hughsnet is averaging about 4x faster wildblue’s upload and download speeds.

Maybe it’s a simple fix, but I shouldn’t have to fix it.

Don’t repeat my mistake. Get Hughsnet.

Speed Test

My Hughsnet vs My Wildblue ; My Speed Test

Hughsnet vs Wildblue New Speed Test Rural Satellite Internet


11-15-2008 : Today has been overcast and raining pretty hard all day, Hughsnet is working like it should ( Good signal), Wildblue has been off all day,(NO signal) again.

11-16-2008 :Today snowing, Hughsnet working, Wildblue NOT working (Time 5:10 pm) NOTE, came on momentarily from about 5:30pm to 5:41 before wildblue lost signal again.

11-17-2008 :Today clear 11:10 am ; Hughsnet Working, Wildblue worked from 11:10 am- lost signal 11:18 am

11-18-2008 : Today Clear 12:30 pm ; Hughnet working, Wildblue working .                     Thank you Steph Wildblueforums

11-19-2008 : Today Clear  11:37 am ; Hughsnet Working,  Wildblue Working .

11-24-2008 : Today cloud cover 5:32 pm ; Hughsnet Working, Wildblue Working. That makes six days in a row that when I tried to use the wildblue system, it worked. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Also, another Wildblue tech called me on the phone today to say they still don’t like my numbers, and are going to send another service guy out to reinstall the dish. Apparently the service tech that came out on Saturday (11-22), didn’t like the original installation job either. I though this was very nice of them.

11-25-2008 : Today medium to heavy snow, both dishes cleared of snow 11:13 am. Huhgsnet Working, Wildblue was on, then lost signal, than came back on.

11-28-2008 : Today overcast, light snow most of day 8:31 pm. Hughsnet Working, Wildblue Working. ( still slow up & download speeds for Wildblue.


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