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Alpha Dogs Don’t Mount For Dominance

Alpha Dogs Don’t Mount For Dominance

Contrary to all past, current and unfortunately future teachings by the dog training community. Dogs that mount other dogs are not trying to show their dominance over that animal. Plain and simply, they are acting like dogs.

For all you women out there I’m sure you’ve encountered a dog or two,  at sometime in your life. You know what I’m talking about, the two legged kind of dog, Man.  Usually after the mutt of the human species had one too many cocktails, the grabby feely kind of guy who doesn’t understand that he’s not God’s gift to women.

This special little fellow usually gets smacked upside his stupid head a lot, all because after too many drinks he turned into a horny dog. THIS is exactly what your dog ( the canine type ), does. When he or she attempts to mount other dogs, your leg, your cat, your couch pillows, a crumpled up blanket everything and sometimes anything when they get that special urge.

These are dogs, they don’t care what the hell they try to mount as long as they can mount something. They do this because they are dogs, displaying similar intelligences as the human dogs do after a night of drinking. Didn’t you ever wonder where, why and how that saying came about, ” He’s a real dog “

A dog will show his dominance over another dog two ways ; 1- a dominant dogs attitude alone, will make the other dog submit. 2- If the attitude thing didn’t work, he would kick the other dogs ass.

So please stop repeating ” Dogs show dominance by mounting other dogs”. Not only is this inaccurate information, you could possible be doing irreparable harm to the animal being described.

A dog mounts other dogs, people, cats, pillows or what have you, because they are horny idiots.




15 Responses

  1. Yes, I agree completely.
    The frase “dogs mount other dogs for dominance ” is an ignorant remark, made up by people that want to be the equivalent of “politically correct” in this subject.
    You do not see wolfs mounting and stroking at other male wolfs because they want to show dominance.
    A male wolf or female wolf that wants to show dominace shows aggresion by growling, baring its teeth and attacking if it does not deter the perseived enemy.
    Females mount other females and males not because of any dominance, but because, like the male dogs, these females are horny, and like human females, female dogs have clitorises. They want to rub theirs upon anything, be it a body, a couch, a female or a male that will allow them to mount.
    The male dog that mounts is a male animal that is feeling his penis hard, and needs to rub it.
    In the wild, a wolf or any other canid leanrs to go after females after learning that males do not allow to be mounted, they growl and attack another male that tries to mount them
    They get arroused by females in heat, and they do not attempt to mount other males because of what I said before.
    Domestic dogs grow with humans, lost that pack learning process, many male dogs have not seen nor smelled a female in heat ever, and are plain horny.
    Many male dogs allow themselves to be mounted, either because they are young and they do not know that the other dog is sexually arroused ( takes about 4 years for a male dog to mature ), perhaps because he is a young playfull dog, which does not know what is going on, or many times it is a castrated dog that never developed the phisical nor the psicological sexual protocol due to that lack of hormonal development, hence he is an eternal puppy/boy dog, not a grown dog.but in no way it means that male dog actually seeks to be mounted.
    A lot of this “mounting for dominance” comes from ignorance. If you have a young dog, 2 yrs or less, that grew up with humans, and a male dog that is 5 or 6 or older, that is horny, chances are the older dog will approach, sniff, and if allowed , will mount the other male, not because he is gay, he is just hirny and wants to rub his penis against another dog, like we guys do on a morning against a pillow. The mounted dog ussually does not realize the mounting dog is doing a sexual thing, he thinks it is playing.

  2. i hate to break it to you but you are pretty much dead wrong about this.. True not all mounting is dominance related, most is not.. BUT dogs DO use this as a show of dominance sometimes.. Especially Female dogs.. To disregard this as simply “horny” shows a total lack of dog behavior knowledge… Sorry

  3. Hi Nicole,

    Some people worry about their dog a real lot, because they are not totally sure what the other dog is doing. They are not sure if the other dog is trying to be aggressive, playful or as you so eloquently put it ‘retarded or something’. If it happens again just politely apologize and tell them “my dog really, really likes your guy” or gal, or whatever.

  4. I took my female Akita mix to a dog park and she mounted a husky right in front of his/her owner… What should I do when the owner freaks out? Hehehe I just thought she was retarded or somthing… Good to know it normal I guess.


    ~ Nicole

  5. Hmm… I’m gonn have to re-think some things here. 😉


  6. Uh-uh-uh, you’re thinking like a human here.

  7. Ok, but isn’t the female supposed to be ummm… on the bottom?

  8. Hi Adrienne,

    Read the bold sentence on the bottom of that post.

  9. Question then. Why do my FEMALE dogs mount each other? And do the whole pelvic thrust thing I might add.


  10. […] Alpha Dogs Don’t Mount For Dominance […]

  11. Unless of course it’s a male dog trying to get a little sump’tin-sump’tin !!!!

    Love your blog.

  12. I know my dog Windows, likes to mount because he’s just a horny dog looking for some hot dog babes. And he’s fixed !

  13. Hello D Dog,

    If there is a study claiming dogs will mount out of stress, it would just be another study done by academics that don’t have a real good understanding of their subject matter.

  14. Hasn’t there also been a study that showed that mounting was also a sign ofstress as well as sex. BTW, I love the “Horny” part- so true

  15. I cannot agree with you more on this one. I have heard people describe a dog mounting another dog as dominance several times. I try to educate them that mounting is generally not a dominance issue and can actually just be over-excitements as well.

    I really like your articles and have posted a link to your blog on my site. I hope it will direct some traffic your way so people can learn from your articles and postings.

    Thanks again!

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