Dogs Can’t Hide Their Emotions

Dogs Can’t Hide Their Emotions

This is very important to understand, Dogs are incapable of hiding their emotions. What ever they are feeling at that particular moment in time, you will be able to see in your dogs facial expressions, eyes and body language.

Just like human babies or toddlers cannot hide their emotions or feelings, it’s the same with our dogs. what you see is what you get. This becomes our big advantage to modifying behaviors we are not comfortable with. Think how easy it would be for us if people were like that, we would never get lied too. Well we would still get lied too, but at least now we would be able to tell immediately, when being lied too. We would never have to guess again about somebody.

The only trick here, or the thing that we really have to be a little better at. Is learning how to effectively read those body languages to have a better understanding of what our dog is telling us.

I know, you have had dogs a long time. But if your current dog is doing something, that you are not familiar with and are having a hard time figuring out how to solve that particular behavior. That just proves that you have a level of experience with certain types of dog behaviors, and a lack of experience with other behaviors. You would have to have lived with hundreds of dogs, to start having a good idea of all the different personalities and behaviors that can be exhibited by dogs.

We all learn through experience, there are way to many animal lovers that think they must have did something wrong, if their dog does this or their dog does that. We always have to learn new things throughout our life, and often it’s no different with a new dog.



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