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Dangerous Flea Treatments

All flea control products are essentially insecticide products, they can either be plant derived or man made insecticides. You should choose a flea treatment product very carefully, for they all can pose potential health risks to not only your animal but yourself as well.

Be particularly cautious when purchasing or using, over the counter flea products. And you must follow the directions explicitly when applying these topical treatments. About eight or ten years ago a neighbor of mine, called me in a panic because something was wrong with her one year old cat. While I was getting the cat to bring to my veterinarians, I asked her what happened. She said all she did was put some flea stuff on the cat. After asking her what type of flea control and how much did she apply, she told me she used all three tubes that came in the box.

The reason she did this was the fleas didn’t die after she applied the first tube,  so she thought that she had to use more. If you think this is an isolated incident, it is not. Sometimes the nicest people in the world, just don’t take a second to think or read the instructions.

Although most animals will not have any adverse reactions from a specific product you use. Their always will be a certain percentage of animals that will have an allergic or negative reaction to a given product.

Care For Animals AVMA.ORG

Only severe or persistent vomiting is a danger sign in small animals. ….. or if your animal shows any clinical signs during or following flea treatment.

Illnesses Associated with Occupational Use of Flea-Control

JAMA — Illnesses Associated With Occupational Use of Flea-Control

Howstuffworks “How Fleas Work”

HartzVictims.org – One More Victim is One Too Many

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Reporting Adverse Events http://www.avma.org/animal_health/reporting_adverse_events.asp



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