Nervous Dogs and Barking

Nervous Dogs and Barking

How to tell if you have a nervous dog, or a reasonably confident dog.

A reasonably good indication of a nervous dog, is a dog that barks a lot. If you have a dog that barks at everything he sees, hears or in some instances barks at imaginary things, odds are very good you have a nervous dog.

Now because of the different personalities involved, some nervous dogs when they bark, will only give a couple of barely audible woof, woofs. That will sound similar to heavy huffing or breathing, as apposed to barking. In this instance it is imperative that you know how to read a dogs body language to correctly assess his displayable behavior.

Then you will have the nervous dogs that will not bark at all. This is an attempt on their part, not to draw attention to themselves by being still and quiet. An Ostrich sticking their head in the sand if you will. ( By the way, Ostrich’s don’t really stick their head in the sand. )

A more confident dog will bark to a certain degree at a noise or if he sees something, but he will not carry on like a maniac half possessed, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.

And then you will have the confident dogs that will not bark at all.

Since you can have a nervous or confident dog, bark. Or a nervous or confident dog, not bark. You can see how confusing it can be for the dog owner to figure out the difference. And what will make it more confusing for the dog owner, is the sad fact that a rather large percentage of dog training professionals can’t tell the difference either.


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