A Dog Can Only Act Like A Dog

A Dog Can Only Act Like A Dog

To often we will get upset when our dog displays behaviors that are unacceptable to us. This is a normal behavior for both parties, It’s normal for the dog to do strange things and it’s normal for us to get pissed off at those things.

When we bring that cute adorable puppy into our home, it becomes our job, our mission, our calling to care for him, to love him, to play with him and to teach him. A dog only knows dog rules.

Although a dogs personality basically stays the same throughout his life, don’t be surprised if your dog displays slight variations of behaviors every 18 to 24 months or so. Just like humans, different stages of maturity can bring different stages of calmness, nervousness or protectiveness.

The mistake we sometimes make is not understanding these possible changes, so when our dog displays a new behavior at two years old, eight years old or any age. It will confuse us and make us a little nervous because our dog never did anything like that before. This is normal. Just like it’s normal for children to behave differently as they get older.

And whether or not we believe it, our own likes, dislikes and personalities can change slightly or greatly as time goes on.

The whole point of this being, there is no abnormal behaviors a dog can display as he gets older. Our success in dealing with these seemingly new behaviors is dependent on a few things. Whether or not we understand these behaviors, the willingness we have to learn and work through these changes, and dealing with our own fears and emotions.



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