Truly Aggressive Dogs Don’t Live Long Enough To Bite Again

Truly Aggressive Dogs Don’t Live Long Enough To Bite Again

This is yet another article in an attempt to teach the differences between aggressive dog bites, and nervous dog bites. Remember in a previous article I taught you that an aggressive dog, doesn’t let go of you when they bite. And that a nervous dog will bite you quickly then let go, or bite you a couple of times if you didn’t get away from him fast enough.

A say that a truly aggressive dog usually doesn’t get a chance to bite a second time. Because for the unfortunate folks that have gone through something like that, it will totally freak them out. It’s bad enough getting bitten by a nervous dog, but a least they let go of you.

For someone that has never experienced what it’s like to have an aggressive or dominant dog sink his teeth into you and not let go until you pry him off of you. You just don’t know what your missing. And if one of the dogs canine teeth happens to hit a bone, ya baby ! now your talk’en.

The point here is, if somebody is unfortunate enough to get bit by their own dog that means business. That dog is either being euthanized at their vets office, or brought to the animal shelter immediately. Unlike nervous dogs that may get a couple of chances while the owners try and modify the behavior.



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