Dog Bite’s Don’t Come Out Of The Blue

Dog Bites Don’t Come Out Of The Blue

This is something that every dog trainer or behaviorist has heard about a million times, “The dog bite came out of nowhere”. And if they are any good at all at their job, they will know that the clients description of  “there was no warning” is just really not accurate.

Regardless of how much previous experience you have with dogs, I need you to read this and then  remember it. A dog will always project, what they are about to do. Now if we miss the dogs body language, which lets face it is the only way in the world that a dog has to communicate with us. If we miss our dogs clear cut signs of nervousness, guarding, protectiveness or his body language display that says, “please don’t touch me when I’m sleeping”.

If we miss any of these signs when our dog first shows them, whether it was a couple months ago or a couple of years ago. And we didn’t do anything about it then, because we didn’t understand what he was telling us. At some point someone is going to get bit.

Then that famous line will be repeated, once again, ” The Bite Came Out Of Nowhere”.  Reading a dogs body language is a relatively easy task. As long as we don’t let our mind get in the way.

The Spirit Dog


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