Puppy Biting Notes To Me

Puppy dogs bite

when they play.

Somebody has to pretend

that they are

the mommy dog,

to teach puppy

how to play




3 Responses

  1. Hi mate, what theme is your site using? It’s amazing

  2. Hello mate, what theme is your blog using? It’s incredible

  3. I do the play biting thing a lot which really winds mummy up! If we go for a walk and I want to play with the ball I jump up at her and then she usually throws it for me. If she doesn’t then I grab her leg and bite her wellies. Sometimes she forgets to bring the ball, or I’ve lost it somewhere, so she tries to ignore me and stands still with her arms folded pretending to look bored, so I do my cute puppy thing and leap around woofing, and bite her boots.. until I get bored and give up. She’s not really a very good mommy dog coz I know how to be cute and make her giggle even when she’s trying not to. Woofs & Wags from Teagan x

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