How to stop dogs from barking, when you’re not home.

Alleviating Nuisance Barking


I was just reading some dog training advice on this subject (dogs barking when your not home), in one of those question and answer forums. The answers people were giving , although well meaning are really not going to help the individual dog owners out to much.

Here are  two examples of the given advice, and why they won’t work.

1. “Buy a Kong toy and stuff it with peanut butter or something, to keep your dog busy while your not home”…… I don’t know about you, but unless that Kong is the size of your refrigerator, the dogs going to finish eating whatever you stuck in there in like two seconds. Then what’s he going to do, start barking of course. ( This believe it or not is one of the most quoted ways of quieting a barking dog when your not home)

2. A different kind of advice is, “Play with your dog just before getting ready to leave, this way you tucker him out enough so he’s quiet”…. Again the problem with this is, that even if you had the time and were able to get your dog to run around like a maniac for a couple of hours prior to you leaving. He’s going to be fully rested and ready to go again, in a very short period of time. And when there’s nobody there for him to play with now, what’s he gonna do ? That’s right start barking again.

This second method of keeping your dog quiet while your not home, although not as popular as the Kong method. Has it’s own devotees. The mistake with both of these approaches to this particular problem, is a fundamentally inadequate understanding of the canine mind. Both of these methods rely on what is a relatively new terminology in the dog training world, called “Redirection”. Or more appropriately, trying to trick your dog into forgetting, that you are leaving.

How to stop dogs from barking, when your not home.

Even if you had the correct training approach to quieting a dog down, there still would be approximately ten percent of the dogs out there that would bark, if you weren’t home. So how do we solve this nuisance barking problem when your not home, that’s probably causing a lot of friction between you and your neighbors. And god forbid, might lead to you eventually leaving your dog at an animal shelter were he’ll have a better chance of being put down than getting adopted.

Use modern technology to solve your problem, a no bark collar. And it has to be one of the electronic no bark collars, that gives the dog a little shock when he barks. The other two types of no bark collars the citronella spray collar, that gives your dog a spritz of citronella when he barks or the collar that makes a high pitched sound when the dog barks, are pretty much useless.

On rare occasions the citronella collar will work for an extended period of time, but don’t count on it. While the no bark collar that’s suppose to make your dog quiet by emitting a high pitched frequency, is just a total waste of money.  And forget about those high frequency bark deterrent devices you mount on your wall, or outside.

Both those collars ( citronella & high pitched frequency ) will initially work because it’s something new, that distracts the dog from barking. This is why they may work for a week or two, until the dog gets used to them. But in most cases the dogs stop being distracted by them within a couple of days, hence the barking continues.

So do yourself and your dog a favor, and use a no bark collar that gives your dog a little shock. You may be saving his life. They are very effective, and the dog learns real fast to be quiet. For those of you that like your dog to bark when your home, don’t worry. If you take the no bark collar off of your dog, he will start barking again. They learn that when they are wearing the collar to be quiet, at the same time they also realize when they are not wearing the collar.

( notes ) To be effective the no bark collar MUST be very snug. If it’s to loose it will not make proper contact, and the device will be useless. This is the same principle that’s applied to the invisible fences. And you must remember that, electronic shock collars are routinely used to discourage seeing eye dogs and handicap assist dogs, from chasing things ( cats, squirrels, other dogs).

Using a shock collar is the humane thing to do, killing a healthy animal under the guise of humane euthanasia is not.


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6 Responses

  1. I have a terrier she barks when I leave her I tried every thing I had letter from council about nuisance barking help

  2. I am actually happy to glance at this webpage posts which
    includes lots of valuable data, thanks for providing these kinds of information.

  3. Thank you for exposing the sheer stupidity of the positive only crowd. Their sage advice inadvertently kills dogs.

    By the way, re: the kong … I stuff it with boiled over kitchen waste and semi-turned leftovers and rice … frozen. That keeps them busy for a while.

    But seriously only a blind idealist would think that the stuffed frozen kong (reward) will get the dog to stop barking.

  4. I have the most wonderful pitbull, shes a blessing and an amazing companion, but right after christmas (less than 3 weeks ago) she decided that she wanted me home all the time and she barks as soon as i step a foot on the front porch. As you can imagine, my neigbors are not too excited of her new behavior, and i am not either. This morning I bought a no bark collar, got it on her and stood outside for a few minites. she did test it and barked and cried at the shocks but then she stopped. Went inside and took it off tested it again and again (without the collar) and i must say that she sure is a quick learner cause she didnt bark again when i left all night and she didnt had it on her. Moral of the story….. IT WORKS !

  5. We bought the no bark collar and our dog would bark until he foamed at the mouth. Then he started barking at a different pitch. He actually wore out the batteries in short order. He is fiercely stubborn at 8 years old. I do not know what to do. Any other ideas?

  6. […] ssilva wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI was just reading some dog training advice on this subject (dogs barking when your not home), in one of those question and answer forums. The answers people were giving , although well meaning are really not going to help the … […]

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