Pit Bull Owners Have The same Pit Bull Mentality

The Same Breed Prejudice.


Sometimes ya just gotta shake your head .

Some Pit Bull owners think along the same exact lines, as those people that are terrified of the breed. They will think that their particular dog, wants to fight or kill every other single dog that he has the chance to meet. Without their dog, ever having been in a dog fight before. Sound amazing , it’s not.

For a certain segment of the Pit Bull owning public, regardless of how the dog will actually respond to other animals. They are afraid of “what might happen”. What does this tell us ? It tells us that they don’t know their animal as well as they should have, or think they do. It also tells us that as much as they would deny it, they also adhere to certain beliefs, in the stereotypical behaviors associated with the breed.

Case in point:

Some folks stopped by here ‘spirit animal sanctuary’ looking to get rid of their, five year old male Pit Bull dog. They felt the need to go through this big ordeal about how some people will give you a funny look or make some kind of inaccurate negative comment after mentioning, they have a Pit Bull. Simultaneously,  rolling their eye’s while regaling me with their story of breed injustices and prejudices.

After finishing their soliloquy, or is it diatribe ?   I asked in my best Brooklynese “so what’s up with your dog”, they told me that they had to temporarily move back into their parents home and were concerned because her mom has two dogs.

We had previously established, that their animal has never had a dog fight in his life and that he got along good with dogs when he was younger. Again I asked “so what’s the problem”, knowing all to well what the answer is going to be, I can see it in her face. She doesn’t trust the dog.

After explaining to her that as a sanctuary we provide a safe refuge for old, sick or behaviorily unadoptable dogs, I provided her with the information needed to try and find this guy a good home. Hopefully, she followed it.



11 Responses

  1. With the use of words like “some” and classifications such as “for a certain segment” makes it obvious that no facts were used in this articles fabrication. This entire article is one large generalization of someone’s opinion and there for, is about as scholarly and informative as the back of a cereal box. There’s been many actual scholarly articles published pertaining to the behavior of bully breeds…read some in an attempt to not sound ignorant, uneducated, and opinionated.

  2. We own two pit bulls. A 9 month old male and a 5 month old female. I believe I have the best dogs in the world and look forward to having more. Pit bulls have a bad rap and that is why we need more responsible pit bull owners to rehabilitate the reputation. As for pit bull breeding, they were bread to fight dogs and not to be aggressive towards people and are great family dogs. They also do not have “special jaws”. There are other dogs who exert more pounds of pressure than a pit bull does.

    It’s sad that some pit bull owners would have the same mentality as those who don’t like or are afraid of pit bulls. I am not one of them. My dogs do not fight nor do I believe they will ever fight because of the way they are raised. My son-in-law was severly bitten by a pit bull on his hand and leg when he was in high school. When he found out that we were going to get pit bulls he said he didn’t want to come to our house. But we educated him on pit bulls and then when we got ours we introduced them right away. He loves our dogs and trusts them completely.

    Don’t bully the breed. Look at the owner behind the dog.

  3. A dogs behavior such as social skills, is determined more by the dog owners understanding of dogs then by breeding.

    Dog aggressive-human aggressive dog ? : https://thespiritdog.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/freeport-animal-shelters-missy-video/

  4. Aside from the specifically bred fighting breeds, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be encouraging people to get working breeds and then expect that the dogs won’t do what they’ve been bred for. I don’t think it’s fair to dogs not to be realistic about what human selective breeding has done to some breeds of dogs. I don’t think it’s a good idea to pretend all is learning. I think we need to recognize the genetic manipulation we’ve been doing (through selecting for performance — see Coppinger & Coppinger) and maybe think about stopping doing this?
    The breed clubs have created dogs that can’t breathe, can’t walk, can’t be born but by Cesarian section — and dogs with serotonin imbalances that prevent them from having normal social reactions, from ADHD to genetically determined pathological aggression. I’d think anyone who loves dog would be a bit more critical of all this.

  5. Hello Rose Marie Chet Womach

    I would actually reply to this comment in earnest, if it wasn’t a half ass spam link to an essentially useless dog training program.

    And thank you for stopping by !

  6. I still believe that people who own pit bulls should be sure they have well trained dogs. A great group in our area is Bad Rap.

    Pit bulls have been bred for aggressiveness, and they have special jaw strength that makes them a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Oh yea, I forgot about the good’ole boys. A week or so ago a couple of Joe Dirt types, stopped by looking for a male Pit to breed with their female.

    Just as you so eloquently pointed out, that I’m “OLD”, I must have that Alzheimer thing going on.

  8. Actually down in these southern parts ‘rednecks’ luv em just as much…in fact they are the ‘hot commodity’ and everyone of all colors like ’em. Their popularity is a big reason their statistics are so newsworthy….there are so many of them…
    hmmmm I think you told me that part 🙂

  9. You just explained the same exact human behavior that, unfortunately affects a lot of good dog people. Our own fears that we harbor when discussing a breed of dog, is basically what causes some of our problems. That and the fact that we are constantly being spoon fed the perils and dangers of the most vicious breed of dog, on the planet.

    You know, I just thought about this right now, how come we only read about white people being attacked by dogs. When according to Americas “common knowledge”, it’s our darker brothers and sisters that prefer this” type of dog ”

    Could the media be biased ?.

  10. It’s exactly ‘that’ mentality that has led to the ‘Dangerous Dogs Act’…..

    After saying that I must add ‘reputation’ is a spooky and dangerous thing.

    After owning Rott’s and Neo’s as well as dealing with several other ‘dangerous’ breeds in many different situations I myself was hesitant to ‘own’ a pitbull (which we now do) because I had young children. The mother in me ‘deep down’ was unsure that the rumors of a ‘pit’ turning were possibly true.
    Now I feel like an ass, but….I also can understand the other side of the fence, the fear and the ignorance.
    And the DANGER it presents for our animals!!!

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