Untrainable Aggressive Dogs

Are Some Dogs Untrainable

This is a comment I made recently, when asked “Are some dogs untrainable”. The funny thing is I have an article similar to this one in a draft that I’ve been working on. Here’s my answer to the question.

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I’m gonna guess by untrainable , you are referring to problematic behaviors and not the ability for a given breed of dog to earn his UDX title.

To answer your question which is a common one, ” Are some dogs untrainable” , if you know dogs well enough the answer is NO. Every dog is trainable.

“Are some breeds inherently aggressive”, Again this comes down to an individuals abilities to understand dogs.

There are plenty of statistics out there, that will tell you breeds ( A, B, C, D, E) are responsible for the majority of dog attacks each year. What the statistics don’t tell us is the popularity of the breeds.

Meaning if, 10 million homes have dog breed ( A ) . And 1 million homes have dog breed ( Z ) . The dog bites perpetrated by dog breed ( A ) will be much higher, than those bites by dog breed ( Z ). The significance of this being, we may think certain breeds of dog are more “Safer” than others.

Obviously the larger the breed of dog is, the more chance of serious injuries that can be sustained by a dog attack. Every year millions of children and adults are bitten by small breed dogs , yet these attacks are not newsworthy enough for us to read about.

One of the biggest hurdles that we have to overcome in stemming the tide of abandoned and euthanized dogs in our country and the world for that matter. Is to stop with all this nonsense about making sure you do your ‘Breed Research ‘, before choosing a breed of dog.

There are tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands of dog rescues organizations for every single breed of dog out there. That should tell us that every dog, regardless of the breed can only act and behave like a dog.

If the available dog bite figures are accurate ( 4.5 million dog attacks a year) , these figures should prove that dogs are not the domesticated animals we are lead to believe they are. And that It’s our job to teach domestication to each and every new puppy we bring into our home.

Alan Papszycki
( The Spirit Dog)
Spirit Animal Sanctuary
2539 East Road
Boonville, NY 13309

From How Dogs Display Nervous or Fear Aggression, 2008/09/23

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4 Responses

  1. Hi there, I have a foster dog that is a huge challenge to train. I don’t want to declare him as untrainable, as he has already pretty much been dismissed as “unadoptable”. I work with him everyday to teach him manners and I’m seeing progress.

    The issue is when he is with other dogs.. he will attack them and acts very aggressively around them. I am pretty sure this is a display of dominance over the other dog. I’m wondering what I can do to remedy this. He was very aggressive with my dogs too, but they have since gotten used to each other.

    What steps should I take to socialize this dog if I can’t trust him? I would like him to be a well adjusted dog who is good with people and other dogs alike. Thank you for your feedback!


  2. Your welcome, Michele

    But what are you sorry for ?

    You talking about “The Vulture” article ? Yea, over the years more and more attorneys have been prominently featuring how they specialize in dog bite cases, in their advertising.

    Well, business is business. And for all of those frivolous law suits that get settled out of court by the insurance companies, guess who pays for it in the form of higher liability coverage premiums.

    Bye :

  3. I am back…..sorry…
    but your post compliments one of my recent posts in regards to attorney’s and dog bite stats…I wanted to delve into it further but was at a lossa t how to exactly describe what i needed to get across.Well said Alan!! Thank-you

  4. […] Read the rest of this great post here […]

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