Pet Food Recall September, 2008

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September-26-2008- COFFEE-TEA-CANDY RECALL

FOOD RECALL : September-26-2008: Coffee, Tea and Candy

Pet Food Recall, Rawhide Chips October, 2008

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Additional Pet Food Recall Resources

US Food and Drug Administration – Recalls and Safety Alerts

September 12, 2008. FDA Issues Health Information Advisory on Infant Formula · Mars Petcare US Issues Voluntary Recall of Everson, PA Plant Dry Pet Food

Do Not Feed Your Dog A Vegan Diet, What Dogs Eat Is Meat

Mars Petcare September 2008 Recall Information

Salmonella and Dogs

Salmonella Questions and Answers

Salmonella Food Poisoning

Salmonella food poisoning is caused by the ingestion of Salmonella bacteria, a type of bacteria that causes

gastrointestinal illness.

Web definitions for Salmonella

A microorganism causing food poisoning in humans, salmonella is very common and is found on meat, poultry and rarely, seafood. ..


13 Responses

  1. p.s. isn’t it a FREE fair use policy?…giggle

  2. I’d steal all your hits too, if I could figure out how!! 🙂

  3. I don’t know. How about how you stole my [ free/fair use policy ] , You, bandit, burglar, criminal, crook, defaulter, embezzler, felon, gangster, grifter, highwayman, kleptomaniac, larcener, larcenist, looter, mugger, pickpocket, pilferer, plagiarist, poacher, prowler, rascal, robber, rustler, shoplifter, stealer , no good er, scallawag !!! 🙂

    Modern Language Association (MLA):
    “thief.” Synonym Collection v1.1. Lexico Publishing Group, LLC 2008. 22 Sep. 2008. .

  4. Happy Monday…..
    the beginning of a shiny new week,
    So what are we gonna fight about this week?? lol 🙂

  5. Now that’s funny !

    Actually in 920 years, I’ll be older than Methuselah.

  6. I couldn’t stop laughing from that last line.

    Certain times of the year, our guys get to choose themselves what they want to eat. Our feed bins are always full, but when meat is available the dry feed doesn’t get touched.

    I am old, that’s why I have hair growing everywhere except my head. What’s up with that.

  7. LoL….we do have different experiences evidently….I have never seen skulls completely eaten…..again only gnawed on.
    The stomach and manible deal I knew.
    I think you must have a pack of belonging to the the Hyaenidae family….

    I’ll see your Pomeranian’s with my Chihuahua!!!!
    And just because you have 20,000 viewers and I have five (0:)
    means nothing….your just old so they think your wise….muahahaha!

  8. LETS FIGHT !!!!

    I guess we must have real dogs here. 🙂

    Although you may be correct with dogs not eating the beaks and feet of chickens, that would be a concern if your feed bag said “chicken by-products’. The handful of times our guys had the opportunity to eat game hens or turkeys, they weren’t interested at all in them. They prefer meat.

    I should have been a little more specific in my by-product statement, ( meat by-products, not chicken ) Our dogs here at the sanctuary, aside from us getting all the left over meat & bones from the butchers and meat processors in our area.

    Benefit from the farmers in our area bringing us their dead calves and cows, along with us receiving about a dozen or so road kill deer every year.

    The first couple of times we received the intact carcasses, I would cut them up into smaller pieces. Although being an animal lover, the carcasses sat in our walk-in freezer until I got the nerve up, to butcher them.

    I only butcher the cows now, the calves and deers I feed them to the packs whole. Even after the cows are butchered they get every single part.

    With the cows there are only two parts they do not eat, with the deers and calves there is only one part they do not eat. And on occasion when one of our guys catches a skunk or ground hog, after it sits around fermenting a little bit they will consume the entire thing.

    The dogs always start off by eating the tongue first, then the nose. The two parts of a cow they do not eat are ;

    1- The stomach. They will eat the stomach of the other herbivores ( calves & deers), but won’t eat the cows stomach.
    2- The mandible with the teeth in it.

    Everything else will be eaten. The skull, the tail, ears, internal organs, intestines, eye balls , private area, and hooves. Non of that surprised me except for the eating the skulls, that I wouldn’t of figured.

    Except for the time I spend sharing my knowledge of dogs through this blog, all my time is spent caring for, observing, researching, learning from and teaching dogs.

    Like the great Oz, I AM THE SPIRIT DOG, how dare you question my authority !! I will leap upon you with the furry of a thousand wild Pomeranian’s with irritable bowel syndrome and if yooooaaaargggghhh, I think I just swallowed a bug.

  9. Emma,
    I have to comment on your promotion of Pet Stores …..I completely abhor them not only are they over priced but they promote puppy mills by buying from them…..Tractor and feed suppliers are actually a much more economical solution, it is worth the drive to a more rural area if you are inner city.
    Feed stores are almost always family owned and operated and offer everything from toys, food,skin treatments and shampoo’s as well as supplements, wormers and shots (other than rabies).
    Also if you MUST FEED COMMERCIAL FOOD -I do not any longer unless in a pinch and I only use a s a supplement with home cooking, when I do- but I do not advocate commercial foods after EXTENSIVE research.

    If you MUST….then ‘Taste of the Wild’ is probably the lesser of all evils. No corn, no soy, no grains, no by-products – and spirit dog, a dog does not eat beaks and chicken feet or hooves ground up etc… they might gnaw on them but they do not consume them in their entirety….

    “many stores, such as Pets Plus, will even give you your money back for the dog food if your dog doesn’t like it and has programs such as buy 10 bags get your 11th free.”

    Emma- that does not make the food healthy, unless you take your food to a lab you cannot prove it’s toxins!!!

  10. Hello Emma

    You must be feeding your guys a lot of treats, even if they are eight or ten pound dogs they should be eating at least one pound a day between them.

    Grain products are the useless ingredients in animal feed, not by products. Given the opportunity dogs will eat every part of an animal, dog owners routinely buy cow hoofs and pigs ears for their dogs and technically they are by products.

    The animal feeds you listed are nice brands, but NO FOOD human or animal can escape the eventual product recall. By the way didn’t Royal Canin recall some of their pet food last year ?

    Additional information : I thought Royal Canin ( US and Canada) recalled pet feed last year. Thank you, Sarah for sending me this link .

    If your dog has diarrhea mixing rice with their food and even some unflavored Metamucil helps to firm up stool. Pedigree is really not a very good food to begin with. Neither is IAMs Beneful Purina or any of the other foods you have usually heard of. The first several ingredients are usually corn (we know what happens when our body gets corn, we poop it out and don’t use it, same with dogs) meat by products (the take the meat off of whatever it is and you get the bones, feathers, coat, feet, beaks, etc) and white or brewers rice (no nutritional value, just a filler) because of this our dogs need to eat more to get the nutrients they need and poop a lot more too. Also…science diet and eukanuba are not very good foods either. They used to be but they were bought out by other companies who, to save money, changed the ingredients to fillers and by products. These foods cost about the same as the all naturals foods and you are getting pedigree quality food. You can check all the ingredients yourself. Stay away from the first 3 ingredients being corn, by products of any kind, and white or brewer’s rice. Go for foods with chicken, chicken meal, or any meats that don’t have by product after them, and BROWN rice. These are good foods. Try going to a specialty pet store and ask about a better food. Precise, Royal Canin, and Verus are all really good foods. When you look at the ingredients they will be along the lines of Chicken, brown rice (the only rice with nutritional value for dogs), and usually another protein source such as chicken meal (chicken meal is just dehydrated chicken, very good) your dogs will eat much less of the food so even though it cost a bit more you go through less food and it ends up saving you money. They also poop less, live longer, and are overall healthier. I have four shih tzus and I feed them Royal Canin dry food. 10lbs of that food last us over a month. 4 adults dogs eating only 10lbs of food between the 4 of them is pretty good! These foods are also all natural and organic so they are never involved in any recalls; you know your food is always safe. The same goes for cat foods, but they will probly have corn in the first 3 ingrediants, it helps to push the hair out of their system. Go to your local pet store and ask about these brands (Precise, Royal Canin, Verus, Wellness, California Natural, Innova, Canidae, Merrik) many stores, such as Pets Plus, will even give you your money back for the dog food if your dog doesn’t like it and has programs such as buy 10 bags get your 11th free.

  12. Ahhhhh….the source of my sudden rise of hit’s…. 🙂

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