Dominant Puppy Aggressive Dog Behaviors

Think Again, If You Think Your Puppy Is Dominant


I know, your puppy is displaying behaviors that just have to be dominant alpha dog behaviors. But is it ? What exactly is your little guy doing, mouthing, biting, chewing stuff up, marking his territory, not listening to a word you say, terrorizing your other dogs. This is all normal ‘kid’ stuff, remember we are his only pack now. It’s our job to mold that little puppy mind into a well rounded and socially acceptable dog.

A puppy that is full of life, can and will drive you crazy. He has got a ton of energy that he has to release, and it’s your job to make sure he does. The most important thing you can do at his early stages of development is, play with him, burn up some of that energy. To many people become to focused on rigorous obedience training schedules for their puppies, let him be a puppy first. That other stuff can wait. Seeing eye dogs and handicapped assist dogs are allowed to be puppies with minimal training for the first year of their life, before they start the “Real” training.


There is a ton of confusing advice out there in regards to dominant puppies, well actually they all pretty much say the same thing. I’m not going to write about it here do your own search, type ‘dominant puppy’ in your browser window. One of my articles will be there, but don’t read it. I want you to read everybody else’s articles first, I bet ya they all say the same things. Then when your done, read the ‘alpha or dominant dog summation’ article I wrote.

Even know I guess technically I’m a dog trainer, I’m really more of a dog behavior researcher or dog psychologist. Aside from the dogs I”ve had since puppies in my first 42 years of life, the last eight years have been spent observing and analyzing the five packs of puppies that have been born here. That’s a total of 35 puppies, some are eight years old now, some are five years old, two packs are three years old and one pack is 18 months old.

Out of all the stuff you will read about puppy or dog behaviors and pack structures or hierarchies. Nobody else has made the personal sacrifices that I have, to gain a truer understanding of canine behaviors, by actually taking the time to study it for themselves. If they had, they would have also realized that alpha descriptions for puppies is way off base. I do this for two reasons, (1) I really love this stuff, and (2) So this knowledge can be passed on to you, in the hopes of enabling you to have a more meaningful and relatively problem free relationship with your dog. Once you learn that every single behavior a puppy or dog can display is normal for the species, It’s only then that you will have a better chance of solving the all to normal problematic behaviors.

A better understanding and education of dog behaviors, is our first step in slowing down the tide of abandoned pets.

Alan Papszycki ( The Spirit Dog ) Founder & Director

Spirit Animal Sanctuary, 2539 East Road, Boonville New York 13309, 315-942-4426

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© 2008 THE SPIRIT DOG A.S.Papszycki

7 Responses

  1. My 14 month old golden is growling at us can you help?
    he takes a kids toy guards it then growls at anyone coming near…. especially when I am away.

  2. Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.

  3. Hi there
    I just found your site and it looks really great!
    I am blogging about dog aggression, and how to stop it at my blog. Feel free to use my content or grab my RSS 🙂
    My blog:

  4. It also gives your little puppy an opportunity to be eaten by the big guys. Just kidding.

    Group classes are great, ONLY IF the trainer running the class lets the dogs interact or play together. Up close and doggy personal.

  5. Hi,

    Group classes are great ! It gives your little puppy a chance to interact and learn that humans and dogs are descent people and animals.

  6. Hey little guy, you must be getting big .

    The group classes can be really cool, if the human teaching the class lets you guys play a little after the class is over. If your not giving your mums any real trouble, yea I’d go with the group class.

    Even if they don’t let you guys play together ( hopefully they will), it’s nice to be around other dogs and puppies.

    Bye, Teagan ” Here’s woofing at ya kid”

  7. Hello Spirit Dog

    I don’t reckon I’m an alpha dog.. I’m the first one to do the submissive wriggle and I’ll lie on my back and show my tummy to anyone who’ll give me a tickle!

    I’m really glad to hear that it’s okay for me to be “full of life” and be a puppy first…. I’m a real bonkers pup and I certainly drive my mum crazy sometimes! I do okay with sit and fetch, and I come when I’m called, but my concentration isn’t that great and I easily get distracted so I don’t sit still for long.

    When I do go to training classes do you reckon it’s better to go to a group class or have a one-to-one? I’m almost 5 months old now.

    Woofs from Teagan x

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