How to stop all dog aggression behaviors

For Dog Behaviors That Could Wind Up Getting Him Euthanized


This is for the approximately ten percent of dogs out there that NEED you to act like a real alpha. For ninety percent of the dogs out there, attitude alone is enough to keep them in line, the other ten percent need to be taught a hard lesson.

It amazes me that a certain segment of the general public and dog training community, would rather kill a dog than use a shock collar. Their logic is illogical at best, ” I could never do something that mean to a dog” , yet they have no problem killing the dog under the guise of ‘ Humane Euthanasia’.  You are not humanely euthanizing a healthy animal, you are killing him or her.

First thing you do is buy a shock collar, any brand electronic collar should be fine. For these collars to be effective they must be very-very snug. If it’s a rechargeable battery collar, make sure you charge the batteries for eight to ten hours. Most or the better brands of shock collars will automatically stop charging when fully charged.

If the collar takes regular batteries you must use a battery tester to make sure the batteries are good before you use them, it’s not uncommon to buy brand new batteries that are already weak. So make sure they are good to start off with. ( actually, most likely they will test as OK )

How To Solve Your Dogs Behavior Problems

Forget about time outs’, making your dog work for his stuff ‘no free lunch’ , or any type of ‘obedience training’ and or ‘clicker training’ or ‘re-directing’ That shit doesn’t work for REAL dog behavior problems. When any of those methods work, it’s because the dog didn’t really have the problems in the first place.

And if a trainer or behaviorist says using a shock collar on a dog like this will make him worse, without first trying the collar. I don’t care if their a decent person or not, politely tell them their services are no longer needed and find somebody else.

Once the shock collar is on and fully charged, you must try and get your dog to do the behavior that you want to stop. We can’t just wait for it to randomly happen, we must make it happen. This way we are creating the opportunities to work with our dog. You are baiting the dog to display the behavior we do not like, so we have the opportunity to start correcting those behaviors.

Now, when your dog does the behavior that you do not like you press the button on your remote control and shock him, along with you telling him in a very firm voice “NO”, immediately followed by a calm and approving voice telling him “that’s my good boy” assuming the collar was snug enough and he got the message. After you initially shock him once or twice, he probably won’t display that behavior again for the next couple of hours or in some cases a couple of days. You have to experiment to find out if he will do it again latter in the day or not. You should try this behavior modification every day, for the next couple of weeks. Try to egg him on if you have to, remember his life is at stake here.

I can’t tell you how long it will be before you achieve the results you are looking for. I don’t know how diligent you will be in the behavior modification process.

Most shock collars have six or eight levels of stimulation (shock). The DVD or little instruction booklet that comes with it, will instruct you to start off at a lower level of (shock). Usually level three. You want him to learn a little faster, start off on level four or five.

(Side Note) Seeing eye dogs and handicap assist dogs are sometimes trained with shock collars. Not the basic stuff they are being taught, but for the stuff that teaches them don’t chase the cat’s, squirrels or mess around at all.

If you need more help on using a shock collar, try and find a dog trainer in your area that has experience with them. But make sure you tell them, you don’t care about sit, stay and walking on a leash. That stuff is not going to help your dog or you, if your dealing with some serious behavior problems.


Caution ; A small number of dogs will get more agitated when using any electronic training device. Do not attempt this without the help of a dog trainer.

Need more help on this subject, leave a comment.






20 Responses

  1. You are a sick sick man. Life is about not harming. yes it is better to humanely euthanize than to shock.. How would you like me to torture you with one. . a life full of torture is the destruction of a sentient soul. you might as well be dead.

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  3. yes it is the same roommate, kris.

  4. Hello I have had a recent problem with my male intact 2 1/2 year old pitbull. He bit my roommate suddenly out of nowhere. latched onto his arm and my boyfriend was home at the time to stop it. I guess my roommate was just getting a drink and my dog lunged and bit him. and one week ago all three of us were standing in the room together and my roommate leaned over my dog and he growled and snapped at the air towards my roommate. He has never showed signs of aggression like this in the past. what do you think I should do? Thanks so much for your time.

  5. Hello,

    My name is Kate and I have a 2 year old Beagle/Cane Corso mix named Lily. Lily exhibits fear aggression with strangers. She has bit 3 people already and constantly barks aggressively at strangers passing my house and at my door. She is so loving around people she knows, but tries to attack strangers on walks and when visitors come to my house. I have to keep Lily behind a gate until she is completely calm, and even then I am apprehensive about her biting. I have tried 2 different trainers and they were ineffective. I tried a muzzle but she refuses to walk until she pulls it off her face. I now use the gentle leader and it helps a little on walks. Please help!!!

  6. Hi spiritdog,
    Thanks for the quick reply. Im sorry for some misunderstanding, im having a hard time wih my english. Im from the Philippines by the way.

    With my dogs body language…. To describe it. When he sees a person, he likes to approach them with THE TAIL HELD HIGH. He’ll check out the person, sniff them and moves very confident. But if someone tries to pet him, he CLOSES HIS MOUTH, which i interpret as a warning before he bites you. The problem is, he doesnt growl to warn you to move away which for me makes him unpredictable. He’ll just bite you without warning.

    The last incident was when he bit me. After I took him out for a walk, i decided to re.adjust his collar cause it got tangled with his fur. Thats when he bit my wrist and didnt let go. He sounded like a crazy dog thats willing to take off my arm. When I yelled and threatened to hit him, thats the time he let go. I think he let go not because he was scared but wanted to catch my other hand.

    Aside from me, he has bitten other people already when they tried to pet him. I already did a lot of touch desensitization already but it only seemed to work if his in the mood to be touched.

    Thats why i was thinking of pushing his level of tolerance and will probably touch him in different areas and if bites the glove, then ill shock him. With your experience, i would like to know if this might work?

    Hope to hear from u again!

  7. Hello Wakenwol,

    Thanks for contacting me. Unfortunately I can’t tell you one way or the other whether using a shock collar would be appropriate for your dog. Going by what you described, he is not the most confident dog and does become nervous when someone is touching him. That’s why he bites. A couple of things: The gloves are a good idea, but you should focus on getting him happy in these situations. You shouldn’t let any strangers command your dog to do anything. Forgive me, but I’m having a little bit of a hard time understanding this sentence, *”He has also bitten me and would not let go of my arm until i shouted at him*.”. I don’t think you let him hang on to your arm for 15-20 seconds, did you ? I’m guessing the chain of event’s went something like this, “He bit, you yelled, he stopped”.

    I have to ask you a question. How well can you read his body language ?

  8. Hi spirit,

    I have this golden retriever who is human aggressive. He has bitten two people already when being touched on a part he doesnt like. He has also bitten me and would not let go of my arm until i shouted at him. He left a very The thing is, a stranger can command him a SIT reward with petting. He seems to have a low tolerance to petting and would resort to biting if he wants u to stop touching him. He is not a fearful dog and actually ver friendly with other animals. I was actually thinking of using an ecollar for his aggression. I would wear bit gloves and touch him and if he bites me then ill shock him. Do u think this will work?

    Im hoping for ur reply…..

  9. Thank you for commenting Adry, if you re-read the headline and the first paragraph of that post : For Dog Behaviors That Could Wind Up Getting Him Euthanized
    This is for the approximately ten percent of dogs out there that NEED you to act like a real alpha. For ninety percent of the dogs out there, attitude alone is enough to keep them in line, the other ten percent need to be taught a hard lesson.
    I think I said the same thing.

    The purpose of this post is for those dog owners that have had no luck, modifying whatever behavior issue they are having with their dog and that dog is looking at possible euthanasia. To many positive only dog trainers or behaviorists would suggest euthanasia for a the dog instead of using a shock collar, which may save the dogs life.

    The Spirit Dog

  10. I personally think the title to your article: ”How to stop all dog aggression behaviors” is a bit misleading. Not all behavioral problems can be solved with a shock collar. Indeed, use it on the wrong type of dog and for the wrong type of aggression and you can ruin a dog. I have nothing against shock collars but it be cannot summed up that the shock collar will stop ALL dog aggressive behaviors..

  11. Spirit Dog, need an advice;

    I have a toy breed puppy of 9 weeks. she seems very energetic and sweet but very often (not always, like 3 to 4 times per day) when we pick her up to carry from one room to another or if she is biting carpet or my legs and I prevent her she will start growling, get very aggressive and would want to bite.

    I tried following the technique in this video but did not help. Instead it looks like the puppy took it for a challenge and got more aggressive. Now whenever she sees my hand she starts playing biting, like jump trying to bite it and immediately pulls back and comes again.

    Any advice how to deal with this and is she not to small to give the collor shock a try.

  12. We adopted 1-2 yr decker rat terrier / feist . She is good w/ family & other dogs. She will charge door at knocking and bark but OK when people enter, some mild jumping. However, she will bite/ nip at some dark haired men as they walk past her, on their calf. Never women, children. blonds. Never from the front -people must be just past her. She gives no warning & usually nips X2. She does not hold on & has never broke skin. from advice on the site I am planing to shock collar train with dark haired assistant as he walks past. On what schedule do you recommend. multiple times daily , series. Should we always leave collar on. The water bottle squirt works well for calming at door but only temp. no long term learning. Would you recommend shock for door training as well. We kennel her every night & do not treat her like human. She is generally a very good dog but biting is concern. Pleas advise. thanks,

  13. Hello Eva,

    Although I didn’t video tape it when I shocked myself many years ago, my response was the same as a dog that really needs the collar, “Holy #@!*, what the %*#! was that”. “OK, I’ll be good”.

  14. spirit dog, please can you post a video of the shock collar on full power around your own neck. thanks very much!

  15. Your Welcome ,

    And I’m sure your dog would really thank you for teaching him a lesson, as apposed to killing him.
    And who knows, if you can get him happy he may turn into one of those happy go lucky dogs.

  16. I agree with your views 100%. We adopted a rescue dog earlier this year and he came w/ his own set of issues. He unfortunately ended up biting a friend who leaned in too close to pet him…I was told by the “humane” society he should absolutely be put down and that this was a helpless case. I wasn’t willing to give up on him as I had only had him for 2 months at the time of the incident and he was less than a year old. I found a dog behavior “rehab” that specializes in dog aggression. Their main means of training was the “shock collar” or “e-touch method”…This truly saved our dog’s life. He is like a completely different dog- he is not and probably will never be a 100% happy go lucky dog, but he is extremely obedient and well mannered now. He loves his collar as well, every time we pull it out he knows he’s going on an adventure and is happy to have it on. We’ve come to the point where we only have to use the “pager” function on it and rarely ever have to use the “shock”….I think people should also understand it’s not a shock, it’s more of a muscle contractor like the ones the use in chiropractor’s offices…So while it probably doesn’t feel good it’s not as painful or cruel as people think…I would compare it to a quick correction bite from an alpha dog…

    Anyway, I’m so glad to finally see someone post a blog who understands that aggressive dogs do need extreme and sometimes more aggressive training- it’s the only thing that will save their lives…If people have never truly owned an aggressive dog they would not understand…

    Thank you! Please keep up your blogs!

  17. Buddies ( Pet insurance in the UK )

    This is just a bad manners thing. Mention to the dogs owner as politely as you can, that a lot of children and adults will automatically say ” Your dog bit me ” when a dog jumps up on them. This is actually a reasonably common response, to jumping dogs.

    You can also mention that he is a very nice dog, but a lot of people just won’t understand that.


  18. Just wanted to let you know that the information is very interesting. I am a dog lover.

    I have two dogs (both terriors) ages 8 and 10; a male and female.

    While they are set in their ways, I do occassionally reinforce behavior training.

    I just launched a blog which has information about the fast growing field of dog training. One article is about the two approaches to dog training. Come by and take a look. And leave some comments.

  19. How do you tell an owner that their dog needs help without offending them. I meet an owner and his Boarder Collie each night on my walk and the dog jumps up at me in an agressive manner.

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