Is Religion Killing Dogs

Religion and Dogs

The busiest time of year for the puppy stores, back yard breeders and the puppy mills are quickly approaching, order your holiday puppy today. True dog lovers always have a dog, they don’t wait until the holidays roll around to think about getting a puppy. It’s the non dog people that fancy themselves as dog lovers that buy that Holiday puppy for themselves or worst yet, as a present for someone else.

In general these are good people that just didn’t think things through. How can you tell if your one of these well meaning but misguided individuals. If you start seriously considering getting a dog when the holiday season is near. Or if you have been putting off buying a puppy and now that it’s getting late in the year, you think to yourself  “I’ll get one for Christmas”.

The holidays come and go quickly, what seemed like a wonderful idea in November or December. Buying that cute adorable little puppy, will start looking like a terrible idea in March or April when he’s much bigger and is really starting to get on your nerves. So please think long and hard about your puppy buying decision.

A significant number of dogs are abandoned between the ages of 1- 1½ years old, every single day. Sadly at that age they are  well past their cute and cuddly stage, so the odds of them getting adopted are slim at best.

If we could just get some of the holiday puppy buyers not to buy a puppy this coming holiday season we would be saving a lot of dogs lives this coming year. The same thing holds true for Easter Bunnies and little Chickadees. I don’t now how many of these little animals are bought year in and year out.

So if your a religious person do the decent and moral thing, don’t buy any animals for your family, yourself or your children for ANY  holiday.

Real Dog People

Don’t Buy Puppies For The Holidays Or As Presents




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