Housebreaking Dog Crate Training Mistakes

More Bad Housebreaking Advice by a Newspaper Pet Columnist

Still teaching antiquated housebreaking methods to the general public. This most recent ‘How to’ pet article, recently published in one of the major New York area newspapers. Sadly just reinforces how much inaccurate information is continually conveyed as expert advice, to dog owners searching for housebreaking answers.

Once again I must reiterate that this is not the columnist’s nor the dog training communities fault, for this is what they have read so this is how they shall teach. The common thread in all of this woefully inept housebreaking advice, and the TWO BIGGEST housebreaking mistakes are;

1- ‘Puppies will not go to the bathroom, in what they consider their den’

2-‘Make sure your puppies crate is small enough, so he can’t relieve himself at one end’.

Then all your dog training housebreaking advice goes onto say, ” Your puppy has about one hour of bladder control, for every four weeks or month of age”.

Are you beginning to see the problem with the standard housebreaking advice, that has not been updated or modified since the first caveboy brought home a lost puppy and said,” Please Mom, can we keep him, I promise to take care of him”.

So Lets Recap ; Puppies will not soil their crate, as long as the crate is small enough and puppies have to go to the bathroom every couple of hours. Did I miss anything ? For those of you that like math, tell me how many times your puppy will go to the bathroom in his crate, when your at work all day.

Whether you work all day or not,

this is the only housebreaking advice you should follow.

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