Dog Training Choosing a Man or Woman Dog Trainer

Should you hire a male or female dog trainer.

Unfortunately there is not a definitive answer I can give you on this one.
But let me try. The differences between men and women dog trainers are vast.
By in large, men dog trainers tend to be a little to rough in their training methods.
And women dog trainers tend to rely a little to much on, clicker and / or treat training.

This is not the case, with every single male or female trainer. But the majority of them, fall into one of these two categories.The inherently obvious problems with either one of these training methods is, an fundamentally inadequate knowledge of canine behavior. Because contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with being your dogs, boss, alpha, pack leader or any other hogwash they can come up with. And yes, in canine packs whether it be Wolves, Coyotes, Dingos, African Wild Dogs or Junk Yard Dogs, there is an Alpha. And their primary job is protectors of the pack. Much more on this alpha thing later.

The problems that you will run across, in your quest to find a dog trainer. Is their inability to distinguish the differences between being a good dog trainer, and truly understanding canine behavior. Unfortunately they equate their ability to successfully train a dog, to respond to a given command. With the ability to understand canine behavior. Training, plain and simple is constant repetition until the animal reliably executes a command each and every time. It has nothing to do with, how your dog actually thinks.

So who should you choose. A man or woman dog trainer. It’s really up to your personal preference.
But I will tell you this, interview as many trainers as you can fit into your schedule. Make the time if you have to. Your dogs life may depend on it. And make sure they come to your home, and meet your dog. Depending on the issues you are having with your dog, a training facility may or may not be your best choice.  Some animals act a lot worse in unfamiliar places, and some dogs act a lot better.

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