Dog on Dog Aggression, What is it

Dominant Dog behavior or Moron Dog Behavior, take your pick.

This is actually one of the easiest behaviors for us to deal with providing that we, the human are the big dog. This is also one of those rare occasions where you have to be the pack alpha, big cheese, head honcho. Call it what you like, your the boss and listening “IS NOT AN OPTION” for the dogs.

Why is this so simple to deal with, self preservation. In the animal world, self preservation takes precedent over all other behaviors. First we must understand the only fear an animal has, the fear of imminent danger.  (Explanations of fears, ours and the dogs, –Dog Aggression, what is it.)

See we like to think in human terms when describing animal behavior. Although we teach not to anthropomorphize our accounts and descriptions of animal behavior, this is exactly what so much of the written research on the subject matter has done. Why, because schooled and learned individuals of a scholarly nature cannot think simply enough, to draw the correct conclusions.

I, on the other hand ” aint two smart”. Butt i do gots my Gee- EE- DEE.  My strong suit is an ability through observation and interaction with the dogs, to come to an logical and analytical conclusion. I’m getting off the subject here.

Why Dogs Fight.

Dogs will fight for a variety of the reasons, number one on the list is; Although it can be thought of as dominance issue, the dogs that like to instigate fights are really just idiots that have not been taught the errors of their ways. This is not through any fault of their owners, the failure of dog owners to correctly work through these problems can be attributed to, (1) Not having enough experience in successfully dealing with the different animal behavior problems that can surface. And (2) Having hired a dog trainer or behaviorist that has never really dealt with these issues on a personal basis with their own animals. Maybe they have dealt with it once or twice with their dogs. But that’s hardly the expertise needed, when your looking for an animal professional to help you with fighting problems.

Dogs will also fight, because one has something the other one wants. For those of you that have a multiple dog household, most likely you have seen some form of this behavior. It’s also just as likely, that you’ve seen your dogs back down against the aggressor. Most dogs don’t want to fight, there like ” you want it, take it you moron”. Unless of course one of your dogs is the clear cut alpha of the pack. In that case the alpha walks over gives them a look, and the only recourse the more submissive dog has is to get up and walk away, leaving the object that the boss wanted.

The one exception to this rule is the TFMD, ( Total Fu*king Moron Dog). This unique little piece of work will totally freak out when he gets excited about mixing it up with one of the other pack members. He will start shaking, grinding or chattering his teeth, basically look like he or she is totally possessed. Trying to hold back one of these little idiots, is an marathon test of your endurance and strength. This aggression is usually directed at one of the more submissive dogs, because he’s not stupid enough to try it with a tougher dog or your boss dog. (Alpha or Dominant Dog Summation, (pack summary) ) . One of these idiots can wreak havoc in your pack and with your mental state.

Dealing with dogs that have a little to much spunk and not enough brains, can be as simple as you learning a little attitude (  How to be your dogs, Alpha Dog ). You learning to get them a little more happier, if the aggression is being caused by nervous energy, (  Make a nervous dog happy through playin ) Or, the not nice version, which means the dog has to make a bad association with the specific behavior. This is were the self preservation thing comes in. This is much tougher on the human, than it is on the dog. ( I haven’t written this article yet. ) (I wrote it here it is-  How to stop all dog aggression behaviors .  Also a common mistake some of my clients make is, they are blaming the wrong dog for starting the fights. It’s not the clients fault, they just don’t have enough experience in this area. And that’s a good thing, you don’t want a lot of experience with dogs fighting.

I’ll be addressing some of the other reasons dogs fight, ( possessiveness, guarding, getting to excited, food, treats, toys, humans, nervousness, and some other things) in future articles.

The Spirit Dog

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  2. You mean like ‘Wyle E. Coyote’ Super Genius
    ( Canis latrans )

  3. Canis Lupis

  4. Yes, Great Dog Photo

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  6. A,
    I have had to replace some chickens in my time,due to a Rott I had, but if I wrote about it I do not remember it is all beginning to blur.
    My kids are budding artisits as am I …grin.
    So you used to smoke the ganga eh? …..that explains a lot…heehee

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    Was it one of your articles that said something about a dog you had eating chickens, or something like that.

    P.S. Love your doggy drawings.

  8. A,
    I have a moron dog…can I send her to you?
    My fiance and I have continually discussed the fact that she may be mentally challenged.
    Either that or she is the stubbornest animal on the face of the planet.
    (Blue nosed pit bull -female 1 1/2 yrs) 🙂 you want her…(chuckle )…I will ship her up, UPS…
    and YES I am trying to get hits off you…SO WHAT!!!! haha

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