Dog Training Play Behavior

The most happiest you will ever see your dog is while he’s play fighting with his favorite bud. When dogs truly become comfortable with each other, this is the number one game on their play list. This is also a behavior that not all dogs know how to do instinctively. They must go through a learning process of how to properly play with other dogs.  And yes, other dogs experienced in the art of dogology play fighting, must teach them this.

The reason is simple why we often think our dog is aggressive towards other dogs, or just plain doesn’t like them. Our dogs are unsocialized with their own species, and we’re to nervous to attempt introducing them to one another. Our fears will often get in the way of our dogs learning process.

In a related dog pack litter it takes the puppies a good three or four months of playing with each other, just to begin honing their skills at proper play fight etiquette. Along the way, there are a few puppy arguments because one guy used his mouth a little to hard. This is how they learn to play properly.

The reason why puppies and young dogs or newly adopted dogs use their mouths a little to hard when attempting to play fight with us is, they never learned how. They missed the basic fundamental development stage  (the building blocks) of learning how to properly interact with other animals, which is a puppy hood.

Lets remember that if these puppies are from a private breeder, there probably all sold already. So at eight weeks old the puppy pack is disbanded and each  puppy is sent off to his new home. If the new home has a dog already that is well adjusted, this will make the learning process for the little guy much easier. Or if the humans in the home love playing like a dog with the puppy.

Since almost every puppy out there, misses the crucial learning period ( roughly a year ) with their litter mates. That job ( actually fun ) becomes our responsibility, of insuring that our little guy grows up to be a socially acceptable and well rounded dog.

Even then there are some dogs that regardless of how good a job you do, there are still going to be some issues. Hopefully if that’s the case with your dog, you’ll be lucky enough to find a trainer or behaviorist that has a better understanding of animals than most.

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5 Responses

  1. Now if we could only get the dogs to teach our clients.

    Need dog training help in Phoenix,
    give Mark a call.

  2. Great article!! Yes! A dogs BEST teacher is another dog. Us Humans are just a guide if need be.

    Mark Siebel

  3. Another reason why we should take a look at the breeding industry and figure out a better way to train potential dog owners to be careful about where they get their pet.

  4. Cookie’s OK, if he would cut it out with all the exercise and alpha stuff.

  5. I agree and appreciate your article regarding dog play and training behavior. I am a trainer/behaviorist and I often tell clients that the best way to “train” their dog is with another dog. I have learned more from my own dogs and their interactions than any manual could provide. That’s why Cesar Milan has such great success when he brings dogs to his “rehab” center.

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