AntiFreeze Poisoning And Treatment

Act Immediately if Anti-Freeze Poisoning is Suspected

AntiFreeze Poisoning

One obvious sign of antifreeze poisoning is your dog will appear unsteady on his feet, almost like he’s drunk. When your dogs body starts absorbing the poisons, he will seem drunk at least that’s what our dog did and that seems to be one of the common early signs.  Sadly after that drunk stage your not going to know anything is wrong with your dog, until he becomes critical. This is highly treatable in the early stages and you still have a chance after the initial drunk faze, but your window of opportunity is small. Meaning you have a little bit of time after the drunk stage to treat your animal, according to our vet that successfully treated our guy. Also how much a dog consumes can be a determining factor in survival rates.

We were given a choice of treatments the first was a drug, I think was called Fomepizole, which is very expensive. The second choice was counteracting the anti freeze poisoning with vodka, administered intravenously. Much cheaper and still effective. I asked our vet, which one would you choose, they said the Fomepizole. Less chance of side effects, so that’s the way we went. We got lucky, there was no organ damage. If you can’t afford the new drug, ask your vet about the vodka treatment. Forget about the Grey Goose for this.

The Spirit Dog

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