Dog Training The Mentally Challenged Dog

Dog Training The Mentally Challenged or Stupid Dog

Because we as humans just love to make things a little more difficult than they have to be, we will often refer to some dogs as mentally challenged, mentally handicapped, or having special needs. By us rationalizing that our dog has some sort of mental deficiency can have a negative impact on our ability to work through whatever problems we suspect our dog has.

Dogs for better or worse don’t have the mental capacity for mental illness.  Some are just plain stupid, just like there are plenty of functioning stupid human beings out there that have a job, pay their bills and can make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning down the house.

I know that there are tons of trainers or behaviorists, that will come up with these seemingly logical sounding explanations ( if you were Freud, anyway) as to why your dog does this or your dog does that. Maybe they truly believe this, or maybe they are trying to justify their cost by sounding scientific and doctorish, I don’t know. But what ever the reason is, they are still getting it all wrong.

We are talking about a species of animal here, that derives it’s enjoyment from digging holes, chewing  stuff up, chasing leaves and rolling in stinky shit. If that’s mentally challenged, then I stand corrected.

The Spirit Dog

copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki


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