“No Kill Nation” Whats the Odds

No Kill Animal Shelters Is Such A Wonderful Idea, But !

In the perfect world there wouldn’t be any kill shelters or any animal shelters for that matter, because nobody would give up their pets.

Unfortunately at present we will never accomplish a no kill nation. Some reasons are;

For animal shelters to achieve no kill or relatively low kill status means ( 1 ) Canceling their contracts as animal control agencies for their municipalities. And (2) Every animal would have to go through an behavioral evaluation process to assess potential adopt-ability, before being admitted to the new and improved no kill shelter.

The biggest problem of all in achieving a no kill nation is people love to buy puppies, and are not all that excited about used dogs. Which a lot of potential dog owners look upon as defective merchandise. Why else would they be in the animal shelter in the first place, they think to themselves.

Even if those two changes were implemented the only positive effect it would have, would be on the individual animal shelters euthanasia numbers. The actual numbers of dogs being euthanized annually would not decline.

As it is now, every year there are millions and millions of dogs being euthanized that never make it into the official homeless pet euthanasia figures. The reasons are twofold, (1 ) many pet owners simply take their animal to be euthanized at their vets office. And ( 2 ) The millions of rescue organizations that are unable to successfully place dogs into homes, also have these unadoptable dogs euthanized at their local veterinary offices.

In both cases, these figures are not added to the official euthanasia numbers for homeless pets. If the local animal shelters ever adopt the policies needed to be no kill, the private euthanasia figures would simply increase. Some people would then be patting themselves on the back with what they see as a success. In reality it would be a false sense of achievement.

Not to mention that by law ( New York State) anyway, that every county must have an animal control agency. In more populated areas, every town will have an animal shelter.

Alan Papszycki ( The Spirit Dog )
Director/ Spirit Animal Sanctuary


4 Responses

  1. Hello Norma,

    Like I said it’s such a wonderful idea, but I also pointed out the reasons why it will not work. There are just too many people giving up dogs for one reason or another and not enough people adopting dogs. Now people love to adopt puppies, just not dogs. To think that with better shelter management they will be able to get all those dogs adopted, is more wishful thinking than anything else.

  2. If you don’t want to read the book, Redemption {2009} simply go to No Kill Advocacy Center.Org. It’s really an eye opener.

  3. I read the book Redemption by Nathan J. Winograd and I “get it”.

    The book is about animal shelters wanting us to believe that the reason euthanasia, [which by the way is actually a sugar coated word for killing], is being done is because “there are too many animals and not enough homes”. When in reality if shelter executive directors would implement the services and programs of the No Kill Equation for a No Kill Nation provide there WOULDN’T be too many animals and not enough homes…….. In other words, if all shelters would put in place a foster care program, a volunteer program, open up the shelter up to scrutiny of the public, be open late evenings and one weekend day for adoptions, embrace a Trap-Neuter-Return program for feral and stray cats,provide very low cost spay/neuter clinics and take animals to off site adoption locations,such as malls, to better find the animals homes we wouldn’t be killing several million animals in shelters this year, or the next, or the next…..

    These are all very simple steps and what animals shelters were built on but then lost its way.

    You must read the book in it’s entirety to “get it”.

  4. I read that book redemption by Nathan something and he is does have some talent as a writer and can be very convincing, but I work in rescue and we would have to add 10 or 15 thousand extra runs every year to accommodate all the dogs that nobody wants. Now puppies we can always adopt out, but not the dogs over 2.

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