Do Dog Crates make Nervous Dogs More Nervous

Just a thought I recently had. It’s entirely possible that since we live in an era were the doggy timeout has unfortunately come into existence. Is it possible that we are making nervous dogs more nervous by reinforcing their own fears by continuing to remove them from any external stimulus that elicits the individual dogs fears.

For some families with some dogs this is entirely possible, especially if the dog in his crate is in close proximity to the person or persons that are responsible for his nervous behavior. Or if while in the crate, the dog has an unobstructed view of the distractions and his high degree of nervousness precludes him from calming down.

In either case if you have a dog that while in his crate is just to high strung to relax while you have company. Consider relocating his crate to a quieter part of your home, while you have people over or buy another crate just for that purpose. A nervous dog that we don’t give the opportunities to relax, will ultimately take longer for us to modify those behaviors.

I say this is just a theory because every new dog that becomes part of the Spirit Animal Sanctuaries packs, become socialized almost instantaneously. So this theory is based on dog owners telling me the behaviors their dogs display while they have company. Remember the number one problem that dog owners have with their animals, is the different degrees of fear aggression an animal can display. And we deal with that fear by relaxing, calming and making that dog happy.

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2008 A.S.PAPSZYCKI

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