Dogs Puppys and the dog crate, an introduction

Well, I’m a little disappointed that your searching for advice as to the proper procedure for introducing your puppy or dog to a crate. This is absolutely the easiest thing you will ever have to deal with, with your dog.

Every dog training or behavior site on the planet will have advice on how to introduce your dog to a crate. But I don’t want you reading any of them, I want you to figure it out by yourself. You can do it I have the utmost confidence in you, this is very easy stuff. Take a couple of minutes to figure out what you think will work and have some faith in yourself.

Try and figure out what you can use to lure or trick your dog into the crate. Figure out what motivates your little guy, and don’t be in such a rush to close and lock his crate. Take your time and think a little bit, your an intelligent person and this is not rocket science.

Through out the early years of your dogs life you will constantly be dealing with new behavioral challenges, that you will be required to problem solve. This is your first and easiest test. So please, for your sake and your dogs sake try and figure this out by yourself.

The Spirit Dog

Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach



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