How to Feed a Young Puppy Food

Supplemental to the puppies mothers feeding, starting at about three weeks of age.

Every litter that we have raised to study their behaviors and pack dynamics, have been fed the same way. We make them puppy mush, and it’s very simple to do. Whatever your particular brand of dry puppy feed is, you start off by grinding it up into a powder in your blender or food processor. Grind up enough for a couple days worth, it go’s fast. There will probably be some full size nuggets left, if the puppies are very young put the powder through a sifter to remove the larger pieces.

Mix the amount you think you need in a big bowl with hot water, ( it’ll cool before your puppies get it). Your looking for the consistency of oatmeal. It’s also a good idea if you buy a powdered puppy formula, and mix in a couple of scoops. Pour into a puppy pan, and watch the fun begin.

The ground up puppy food really absorbs the water, you will have to mix in some more warm water occasionally. Always give them more food then they can eat, you don’t want anybody hungry. Although traditionally you are suppose to feed a puppy three times a day, I like to always have food in their bowl in case a puppy gets hungry.

puppy mush

puppy mush

Remember housebreaking takes some time, do not jeopardize your puppies health by limiting food or water. I don’t care what anybody has to say about that, limiting a puppies food or water is just plain stupid.

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Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki


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  1. Your Welcome

  2. thanks 😀

  3. Good question, Abdoo. If their baby, babies a minimum of three times a day. But I like to always have food in their dish in case they get hungry.

  4. good tips though,,,, but how many times/day should i feed them ?????????

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