Aggressive Dogs and Stupid Men or Nervous Dogs and Assholes

Neanderthal tactics of the scared man

We are Superior, Gods gift to the planet. Man and Ape living in harmony ruling the canine species with a fearful dominance.

One of the very sad things that happens on an all to frequent basis, is the scared mans attempt to dominate and get tough with his dog that is displaying fear aggression. This is common. What happens at the onset of these stupid confrontations is, from a lack of understanding dog behavior and emotions. The Man of the house will feel threatened when his dog starts growling at him for some human behavior that triggers the dogs response.

By constantly screaming and yelling at the dog, the man of the house will make the dog more fearful and seemingly more aggressive. In this scenario what happens is, the confrontation becomes a stand off, a push, a draw, a tie. And forget about the terror that is instilled in the dog, if he is in his crate. Now the human knows he’s safe from a potential dog bite, then the man will display what can only be categorized as totally moronic human behavior. Screaming and terrorizing the dog with a vengeance that is afforded to him by the fact, that the dog is safely locked up.

Through out the entire ordeal the poor dog is growling like a maniac trying to scare away what he is frightened of. Eventually the moron gets tired of yelling at the dog, and goes away. The dog doesn’t make the association that the idiot got tired. What the dog figures out in his own mind is that acting like a dog possessed, he scared away the threat.

This is why with any dog that displays any form of fear aggression, we must learn to relax the dog.

The Spirit Dog

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5 Responses

  1. Funny thing is – women make dogs dangerous toward men – the same way they coddle and turn sons in to whinning little suedo girls. Its horrible – and a shame. I love watching a little boy throw a fit and act like a retard with his mom, then behave himself like a different person when hes with his dad. Sad but true… Little boys are button pushing smart bombs. Little dogs are something a woman can control and leash upon full grown men. Its a joke. Wake up and taste the stupidity – we all get it.

  2. Or KILL the dangerous animal before it bites a child. Seen it many times . Dogs are dangerous and so are tigers. No one has tigers. Monkeys? TIll they rip your face off…. Real cute.

  3. Or KILL the aggressive animal before it bites a child… Like they always do. Dogs are danderous animals, just like a tiger in the house.

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  5. Could not have put it better myself, hopefully some of the morons will read it and understand.

    perfect Clarity – Thank You

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