Crate Training Housebreaking Myth

I see some puppy owners are still trying to housebreak their new puppy with a crate, while there at work all day. Big Mistake !!

The Facts :

  1. Puppies after the age of five weeks, will seek out a bathroom spot away from where they lay down. (Doesn’t help a whole lot when your puppy is locked in his crate)
  2. Puppies will have to go to the bathroom every one to four hours depending on varying conditions.
  3. Inherited behavior, ” natural instincts “, precondition the puppy to keep his area clean. (Again, that pesky locked crate thing seems to be the problem here.)
  4. None of that matters one bit if your not home to let your puppy out of his crate, when he has to go.
  5. Preconditioning or not, your puppy will go to the bathroom in his crate.

How to solve this dilemma :

  1. Make sure your available to take your puppy outside, every hour or two.
  2. Use a large dog crate or puppy pen. So when he does go to the bathroom when your not home, he doesn’t have to lay in it.

The Spirit Dog

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Alan,

    Where is she when you are not home ? When you’re home have you tried closing her crate so she can’t go back into to urinate ? Providing that she is up to date on her vaccines, you can try adding a little natural dirt, sand, grass or anything, some dogs like to pee on new smell, or you can even try a couple of drops of ammonia on whatever substrate materials you use to line her pan.

    Have you read these ?

    Good Luck, and give her some time, she’s still a baby.

    If you have anymore questions don’t hesitate.

  2. I have a 5 months old mini schnauzer and I’ve a slight problem with potty training. I manage to get her to poo on a tray successfully on several occasions but when it comes to peeing, she will go back to her crate for that. I hope to get her to pee on the tray too so that I cab get her one of those comfortable cushion to sleep in. I’m worried she might pee on the cushion at her current rate. Thanks.

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