Dogs that Kill

If you have a dog or know someone that has a dog that has ever killed a cat, squirrel, gerbil, bird or any other small animal. Let me know. Leave a comment on this post, telling us what your dog did.

  • Is this the first time your dog has hunted something ?
  • Has your king of the neighborhood,  hunted things before  ?
  • Does your dog snack a little bit, on his prize ?

People are always telling me, their dog hunts and eats this. Or my dog hunts and kills that. I would like you to tell everybody about the hunting instincts your dog has. I’m interested in all stories, especially if you have a small breed dog.

You have a great Day.

The Spirit Dog


3 Responses

  1. I know a doggy (boxer) He ate a cat. He stares at the door where his doggy sitters other cat now lives (in a bedroom) He’ll stare at the door for 45min at a time. Any chance he gets he tries to catch the cat and kill it.

    No-one taught him the “go get the cat” game. His boxer pack mate doesn’t try to “get the cat.”

    The dogs put there faces to the ground and fight hard-core back and forth drawing blood. They out and out fight constantly when out for a walk…just each other not other dogs. When other dogs come around they do the nose, genital, butt sniff and all is good. Until one or the other wants to play with the new dog…then they fight.

    Walks consist of 21/2 hours of trail running 1st walk…and usually at least 2 more hours for the evening. 4-5 other dogs accompany. One of them is my dog. The owner of the dogs, says she just loves them she’s not a dog trainer and she’s not interested in training them. Or…modifying their behavior.

    The owner has two young boys they fight too. I think it’s an interesting correllation….

  2. If a dog bites, will it bite again ? The answer is yes and no !

    Yes, if we don’t pay attention to potentially hazardous situations, learn to take a more preemptive approach and modifying the dogs behavior.

    No , If we take the time to train our dog. And I don’t mean sit, stay, down. Modifying unwanted behaviors in a dog is a relatively simple matter, if you find the right trainer.

    Here at Spirit Animal Sanctuary, just about every dog that comes to us has bitten, some more than once. Because nobody bothered to try and work with the dog, or they had an ineffective dog trainer or behaviorist helping them.

    It usually takes me from a couple of weeks to a couple of months. To modify a dogs behavior enough where it’s safe to be around.

  3. i am told that once a dog bites it will bite again. there was an 8yr old bitten badly in the presence of her parents and the owners of the dogs, 2 dogs present. i was told the only solution was to put the dog down because it would bite again. it had never bitten before. is this truly the only way? it was a border collie. thats all i know of the issue.

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