Dog Trainers in New York

If you live in  NYC, Queen’s, Brooklyn, The Bronx, or Staten Island. The dog trainer or behaviorist you hire must be able to show you personally that your dog is capable of listening and behaving to them. If they are incapable of getting your dog to listen to them, how can they possible help you with your dog problem. If the trainer or behaviorist is any good. There is not a dog on our planet that won’t listen to them, in a relatively short period of time with them talking to the dog only. Not yanking the dogs head around on a leash, not using a shock collar, not dominating the animal in any way and not using treats.

The following is a link to a dog trainer / behaviorist test. That any potential dog trainer or behaviorist should pass first, before you hire on a multi-session basis.

Dog Training, Finding the Perfect Dog Trainer

The Spirit Dog


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