How Not to Housebreak your Dog

Do not follow any housebreaking advice that tells you,  ” Because of your puppies inherited denning instinct, they will not go to the bathroom where they sleep”

Occasionally I’ll do a Google search related to the various problems people have with their dogs. The advice that’s given on the topic of housebreaking just constantly amazes me. Do your own search, you can read five articles, a hundred articles or a million articles, they all tell you the same things. Remember denning instinct or not, your puppy will go to the bathroom where he sleeps. While housebreaking the more room the better, If you put your puppy in a small crate you will be bathing him on a daily basis.

How to housebreak or house-train your puppy.

How to housebreak links, the spirit dog stuff.

Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach

Dog housebreaking, housebreaking today’s rules

Puppy housebreaking “How long does it take”

The Spirit Dog, Free behavior advice to help dog owners and to save dogs lives. Dog training info that actually works.


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  1. And I thought my pom was the only puppy in the world who would potty in her bed. She is doing well now and will be 2 in 3 weeks. We have just about 100% house broken now.

    Linda Lanning

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