Dog Biting Behaviors

Biting Issues, and why dogs are labeled vicious.

Abhorrent behaviors displayed by our dogs are sometimes the result of humans. There are a few different reasons people get bit by their dog, two of those reasons why people get bit by their dog. ( 1 )  The behaviors that our dogs are displaying, are misunderstood by their owners.      ( 2 ) An extremely or moderately abusive individual in the home, usually a man.

Misunderstood dog behaviors.

Our lack of understanding of a dogs behaviors and the animals body language is the primary reason why there are so many dog bites each year. For those of you that have been bitten by your dog, although you may have a good fundamental knowledge of your dogs body language, there is still room for improvement. Unless you were specifically trying to modify a behavior and knowingly put your self in a position of risk. Some dog trainers, breeders, veterinarians, rescue personal and others affiliated with dogs, will often  lament these abhorrent behaviors are the results of inferior breeding practices or the failure of the general public to properly research the different breed behaviors and personalities before purchase. Breeding has no significant influence on a dogs behaviors on personalities.

Dog Breed Evaluations; Dog, Puppy, Personalities

Dog Breed Behavior, Analysis

Abusive Household

For the unfortunate woman, children and in some cases men, that live in an abusive environment. The abuse, in some instances doesn’t stop with the humans in the home. Often the animals in the home are also the target of the abuse. The affect of the mental and / or physical abuse can be the same for both human and animal. The psychological effects being fear, nervousness, mistrust and resignation. While it can have a long term affect on the abused individuals interaction with others, some can leave their feelings of fear behind once they have removed themselves from the abusive environment. For those individuals that can escape the abuse without harboring thoughts or feelings of mistrust with others, it’s our analytical ability and deductive reasoning as humans that can overcome those fears of the past.

Dogs on the other hand, are not capable of analytical nor deductive reasoning at any level past their own intelligence. They may be able to figure out that by sticking their paw underneath the couch they can get the biscuit from under there. But that’s about where their reasoning ends. A dog will learn to mistrust everybody and often come to fear the non abusive individuals in the home also. Mentally rehabilitating abused dogs or any nervous dog can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to five or six months, depending on the trainer or behaviorists level of experience and the dog themselves.

These are the two reasons why older teenagers or adults get bitten by their dogs. Children on the other hand cannot and shouldn’t be expected to read a dogs body language, hence the high number of children bitten by dogs every year.

Obviously there can be abuse in a home that is only directed at their animal, the following is a form of mild animal abuse. This past week while dropping one of our dogs off for a surgical procedure, I noticed a woman carrying her four or five month old boxer puppy out of the exam room through the packed lobby of people with their animals to the parking lot. Even though I found that a little odd I didn’t give it a second thought, the woman looked very respectable. Upon exciting the building I observed this woman screaming at her puppy and yanking him reasonable hard with the leash.  She carried the puppy out of the vets office because she was embarrassed and frustrated by her dogs behavior. Which was just a normal happy puppy behavior that her dog trainer incorrectly told her was a dominance issue that she better learn to control.

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