Dog Behavior Modification, How Long Does It Take

How long does it take to solve dog problems.

OK, your not going to like this answer one bit, but you will find it useful. Nobody can tell you how long it’s gonna take for you to solve your dog’s behavior problems. There’s many reasons for this, I’m just going to address a couple of them.

First, without a good dog trainer actually meeting your dog first, all they have to go on is what somebody is telling them about what the dog is doing. A dog that is displaying a specific behavior, that behavior can be interpreted a variety of different ways by individuals trying to explain the same exact behavior. Let me try to explain that a little differently. You can have ten people watching the same dog do something, and you will get different descriptions on what they saw. Not everybody sees the same thing.

Secondly, this is much more important then the first thing. At what level is your relationship with your dog.

  1. How well does your dog listen to you when your just hanging out together or playing with him.
  2. How well do you understand what your dog is telling you through his body language.
  3. How frustrated do you get, when the dog doesn’t listen to you. How much time do you spend playing with your dog.
  4. Ultimately if your attempting to modify your dogs behavior issues, the training method you decide to use, must make sense to your dog. Not to us.

These are just some of the things, that need to be known about you, the dog owner. And even then, it’s still impossible for someone to tell you how long it’s gonna take. Because nobody knows, how diligent you will be doing your “Homework”.

The Spirit Dog

© 2008 a.s.papszycki


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