Dog Bigot’s and Dog Breed Prejudice

There all around us, seemingly everywhere. Wanna be dog lovers that think they’re dog lovers, yet stick their nose up at and look down at, anything that is not a pure breed dog with traceable lineage back to the stone age. In their eye’s the Mutt, Mongrel, Mixed breed scum of the earth, dog world dog is vastly inferior in every way, to their perfect, preeminent,  supercilious, supereminent, supernal, superordinary, superordinate, unsurpassed* dog. Who oddly enough, at one time was considered a mixed breed dog themselves. Just like Puggles, Maltipoos, Peek-A-Poos, Golden-doodles and Labra-doodles are mutts today that are commanding pure bred dog prices. And given enough time will eventually make their way into pure breed status. Then new dog bigots will be born.

Another type of dog lover’s that are dog bigot’s, are the individuals that automatically condemn and criticize certain breeds of dogs and the individuals that own them.

If you have a certain breed of dog, lets say for instance a Pit Bull,  German Shepherd, any kind of Mastiff, a big Black Lab, Doberman, Chow,  well actually any large breed dog it doesn’t mater what it is. You have experienced this type of dog bigotry first hand in your vet office and not just by the other clients sitting in the waiting room, some of the veterinary staff as well. This type of prejudice is the result of our own fears and what we have heard about specific breeds of dogs.

The Spirit Dog

* source for superior synonyms


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