Dog problem behavior prevention

Assuming that we are the more intelligent species here, avoiding known behavior problems or issues with our dog should be easy. Take a second and think about this, are we ever surprised under certain circumstances if our dog does something we do not like. The answer should be and better be NO.

If we are observant and have a decent idea of what sets our dogs off, whether it is strangers, other dogs, cars, trucks or whatever. We have to learn to be more preventative, in those situations. This should be relatively easy for those of us that are able to get our dog to listen to us most of the time.

In a nut shell If you know your dog goes nuts when he sees a car, start trying to get his attention focused on you before the car gets close enough to freak him out. It’s relatively important to have some idea of how close the car has to be before he displays the behavior we don’t like. This is our window of opportunity to control the behavior before it becomes uncontrollable.

It’s like that old saying, ” An once of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Or something like that. Taking a more preemptive approach can help you greatly in modifying unwanted behaviors that are caused by an external stimulus. If you have not learned yet how to keep your dog calm, when people come to your home. Put your dog in his crate or where ever you put him, so no one  gets bit. All we have to do is take a second and think, it’s not rocket science.

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I'll be back

I'll be back

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Dog emotions and body language


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