Show your dog the Love

A real simple way to have a better relationship with your dog, when he comes over to say hello, say hello. I forgot to put this on the last article, How to have a great dog, you must love them, Duhh .

If we don’t like to be bothered by our dog, maybe we shouldn’t have got one in the first place, but that’s another story.

For some dog lovers this article is a moot point, since they are never to busy to reject their dogs affections. While other good dog people don’t realize that their even shoeing their dog away.

Anyway, all we have to do is whenever our dog comes over to hello to us just take twenty or thirty seconds to pet, touch and talk to him. It’s also real important for us to have that love emotion thing going on, just don’t stand there like a lump touching your dog with no emotions that won’t help to much.

If you have one of those dogs that constantly wants affection they’ll get used to leaving you alone after a little bit. But this depends on how well we can communicate with our dog, whether or not they listen to us when we talk.

When your dog comes over to you pet him for a little bit,  don’t forget to use your emotions. Then in a very calm voice tell your guy, ” OK that’s all, no more”, or “OK that’s enough”. Then stop paying attention to your dog and refocus on what ever you were doing. If we have learned how to communicate with our dog he should either lay down at your feet or go to his favorite spot.

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2 Responses

  1. Hello Jesse,

    Under what circumstances ( different distractions, minimal or otherwise) does Jebbe listen to you know, ?

  2. Hi…I just found your site today. How GREAT! I have just begun having a problem with my little guy, Jebbe…barking when he wants something. Now, I know that this is fair, but I can’t always give what he wants…food from my plate, attention when I’m working (although I will take a couple of minutes to be happy and play). He’s a Bichon Frise (we believe) who was a stray. He’s only about one year old, full of life and joy, and basically good, but the barking is so high-pitched it hurts. I take him for an interesting walk each day but cannot always do it right when he wants it.

    My other problem is that I cannot let him off-leash…he’s GONE/DEAF, and WAY too fast to catch. He has no fear of anything and I really worry if he slips out the front door (he has a back yard). We live in an area of a lot of Rottweilers/Shepard-Wolf mixes, and such. They’re not always as friendly as he.

    Thank you for your time and attention.


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