From nervous dog to happy dog, body language photos

The following photograph’s will give you a better idea of a dogs body language as he transforms from nervous behavior to happy dog. On each photo please pay close attention to the dogs eye’s, facial expressions and body posture. There are subtle differences in those three areas on each progressive photo.

See if you can notice the slight changes in Jake’s eye’s, facial expression and body posture or body language. If you can notice them, leave a comment with what you observed. And if you had a hard time noticing the little changes, leave a comment and I’ll explain them in detail.


Jake, stage 1 relaxing through reassuring voice

Jake, stage 1 relaxing through reassuring voice

continuing to relax him

continuing to relax him

Starting to let go of his nervousness

Starting to let go of his nervousness

there's my gooood booooy

there's my gooood booooy

Relaxed and inquisitive

Relaxed and inquisitive

Happy, this is what it's all about

Happy, this is what it's all about

Isn't that better then flooding !

Spirit Animal Sanctuary Boonville New York

Watch the former nervous dog, happy video

Dogs Happy Life Video at Spirit Animal Sanctuary, music by Submersed

It’s all about learning how to communicate with our dogs, and you being comfortable enough with a nervous dog to be able to relax them.


Hiring a dog trainer/behaviorist, they must be able to do this for you.

Dog Training, Finding the Perfect Dog Trainer


4 Responses

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  2. Hi,
    I have a yr. and a half old Jack Russell/Dachsund.
    He’s very smart, but will not stop peeing in the house.
    I take him out quite often, and he always goes outside.
    The minute we go to someone’s house, he lifts his leg.
    Marking or peeing, how can I get him to stop? Our visits are not that welcomed any more.Is it too late for him to be totally potty trained? Can you recommend any good trainers in Colorado Springs?

  3. Hello Haynes48,

    It would help if you were a little more specific, thanks.

  4. This is cool!

    Photo 1: The dog is tight, tight, tight. His facial muscles, jaw and forehead. His neck, shoulders and back, even his front legs. And of course he is physically leaning away from you and looking at you askance. If he could he would be “outta there”.

    Photo 2: His face and jaw are still pretty tight but he has relaxed his neck shoulders and back to a degree. And of course he is leaning toward you and looking at your knees. Like he’ll tolerate being there

    Photo 3: He’s now relaxed his whole bac and shoulder muscles. His jaw and forhead are no longer tense. He’s actually making eye contact with you. And is that his tail wagging?

    Photo 4: Well, he’s icking his tounge and he’s up on his haunces. His whole face is much softer. I would guess he was on the verge of jumping up on/to you.

    Photo 5: I would’ve taken this myself and been happy. Nice soft eye, ears alert but not tense. Jaw and mouth soft. Some tension in the shoulders but more a readiness thing than a rigidness.

    Photo 6: Well duh, he’s a-smilin! And a-chillin!


    PS How many dog traineres do you know that can do this? I ask because I’ve never seen it before. Any in Minnesota? I want to learn from them.

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