How to have a great dog, you must love them, Duhh

This is not rocket science, regardless of what a portion of the dog training community would have you believe. If you love and spend time with your dog you will have a great relationship with him. And simply by wanting to and spending time with your dog you will avoid a host of potential behavior problems down the road, when your dog starts getting a little older.

There are those of us out there that not only want to spend time with our dogs, but need to spend time with them. It’s often misunderstood by friends of ours that just don’t get it. It doesn’t mater if they have dogs or not, they’ll still think and say, “what, you want to go home to your dog ?”. There’s lots of animal people and non animal people that will never understand it.

But the point of this article is, by spending quality time with our dogs we will have a happier, more rounded and friendlier dog. There is always going to be some type of behavior issue we have to deal with as our dogs go from puppy, to adolescence to young adult and finally adult dog. But for those of us that spend  time with our dogs, we’re less likely to freak out when our dog starts doing something new that’s inappropriate.

And because we enjoy spending time with them, we will have a little bit better understanding of our dogs personalities, likes and dislikes. Because of this understanding we will be able to work through those problems a little easier than the folks that only spend a minimal amount of time with their dogs. Even know they may truly believe in their mind their spending adequate time with their dog, they are not.

Remember we have a life but to our dogs,” We are thier life”.  So please spend time with your dog, through out his or her lifetime.

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