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Teaching your dog to play

Having fun with your dog.

How to make our dog a little healthier and happy.

Sure we all know that if we have a dog that can be kept happy, and is easily entertained by constantly chasing after a ball or stick, that’s just great for our dog. And if we’re lucky enough to have a dog that just absolutely loves to play with his squeaky toys or tear up his stuffed animals, these guys are really in doggy heaven.

But what if we have a dog that has very little interest in doing those things. Some people will think of their dog as being a couch potato, if he doesn’t chase after a ball or shows very little desire to play with toys. Some of these dog owners will actually believe that their dog is happy, and prefers to lay on the couch all day like a lump. They may be happy, but they could be happier.

If we have a dog like that, he is definitely not a happy camper and most likely is just totally bored out of his mind. When someone says, ” is your dog feeling alright” we reply, “Yea he’s fine, that’s just Fred”.

NO, that is not just Fred, that is just US.

It may take us a little time to learn, but it’s a relatively simple matter to get our couch potato dog or any other bored dog off his butt and play. In a earlier article , I mentioned that there are only three ways a dog will play with another animal. Those three ways are, tug of war, play fighting or running and chasing each other around like maniacs.

If we have a couch potato we can really help him be happier and become a little more healthier by getting him to exercise in the form of playing. We have to try and entice him to play, by acting like another dog. What does this mean? We have to be excited when we attempt to play with him. Don’t be to embarrassed to act like an idiot with your dog. If your to reserved, don’t be. If your a little to shy, come on, nobodies going to see you.

We have to act like a child, to communicate with an animal that has a child like brain. It’s like when we play with a three, four or five year old child. We have to be imaginative, creative and emotional when playing with our children. Our dog is no different, we have to take the initiative and motivate them to play.  So lets go, release your inner child, you may feel stupid doing it. But your dog is going to love you for it.

The Spirit Dog

Copyright © 2008 A.S.Papszycki

One Response

  1. I play with my pit bull Charlie like that, and he’s the best. The only problem is he’s so friendly other dogs try to take advantage of him. then he just sits there like a limp bizkit !!!!!

    Sorry that’s my favorite band.

    P.S. Love your blog

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