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Dog Training Scams

The Classic Dog Training Scam. The Free Evaluation.

This is a scam that’s perpetrated on unsuspecting dog owners looking for help with behavioral issues with their dog. First off the majority of dog owners call a dog trainer for help after the problems with their dog have been going on for a while. We think we need dog training, what we really need is behavior modification. Dog training is a whole different animal, it’s purpose is to teach your dog to follow and respond correctly to given commands. That is not, behavior modification.

The biggest ripoff is the free dog evaluation scam, although some trainers charge for the evaluation. It’s a ripoff still the same, for two reasons ;

  1. The free evaluation is just so the dog trainer can see how and where you live, this gives them a pretty good idea of how much they think you will be willing to spend on the dog training. What they are doing, is trying to figure out how much they can milk you on the training job. If you live in a beautiful neighborhood, have a great home with brand new cars in your driveway. Expect to pay three to five times the amount, than someone a little less fortunate then you, for the  same training service.
  2. If they are as good as they say, there is absolutely no reason for them to evaluate your dog. They should have dealt with plenty of dogs, with the exact same behavioral issues your dog is displaying. And don’t believe their  bullshit about, “I specialize in your breed of dog”.

Some other things you should watch out for are;

  • If the dog trainer tells you your dog has a dominance issue, we better start the training immediately.
  • If the trainer is afraid to go near your dog, what good are they if they can’t get close enough to handle your dog.
  • The well meaning but inexperienced dog trainer that says, “You have a very dominant alpha I don’t think we can solve that problem, then recommends euthanizing your dog.

Always get the price of the dog training up front. When I visit clients, they know exactly what their paying before hand. And since it takes me all of two seconds to evaluate their dog, we get started immediately modifying the behaviors.

Dog training is like any other service industry, some are better than others, some are very good, and some are no good at all. So choose wisely.

The Spirit Dog @ WordPress

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2 Responses

  1. How often is that likely to happen? I haven’t found a trainer that didn’t tell you prices before an evaluation. Some post prices on their websites and those who didn’t were more than happy to give me a flyer with prices before they did an evaluation.

  2. […] Dog Training Scams By thespiritdog We think we need dog training, what we really need is behavior modification. Dog training is a whole different animal, it’s purpose is to teach your dog to follow and respond correctly to given commands. … The Spirit Dog – […]

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