Housebreaking your puppy with a shock collar ?

Should you punish your dog for housebreaking mistakes.

You do not use a shock collar to housebreak your puppy or dog. Housebreaking or house training is about you taking the time to set routines and habits, for your pet. You do not stick your dog or puppies nose in his mess. You do not hit your animal while teaching your dog/puppy to go to the bathroom outside. You do not punish your dog in any way , for having a mistake. If your dog is failing to understand where he’s suppose to go, It’s because we are failing to teach him correctly.

Housebreaking our puppy is one of the many responsibilities that come with being a good pet person. If your starting to get a little frustrated because your puppy is just not getting it, maybe your taking the wrong approach. If you need some further assistance read the following articles.

Dog housebreaking, housebreaking today’s rules

Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach

Puppy housebreaking “How long does it take”

( NOTE ) This is just a quick post, because I see some folks are searching for appropriate methods of punishment during the housebreaking stage.

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3 Responses

  1. I agree; provided you are talking about a puppy aged 8-12 weeks. After 12 weeks you need to add corrections or the dog will not learn, since going in the house is self rewarding.

  2. No way man i rub thier face in it and spank. Thats how you get shit

  3. Agreed! So many people do not realize this. Godd post.


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