Real Men Don’t Need Protection Trained Dogs and yes they do eat quiche

Protection training your dog unless your a professional, is just a bad idea. It’s the wanna be tough guys, that usually want this type of dog training. They want an animal to do what they cant do, intimidate someone.

For those of you worried about criminals breaking into your home, all you need is a dog. Just about any dog will do. Even if you happen to have a little dog, when they hear something they will start yapping like the little maniacs they are. Your dogs barking draws attention,  that is something thieves don’t like and will try to avoid at all costs. Now if you have a medium size or big dog, their barks are pretty similar in sound. Thieves, when it comes to dogs are just like most people they are afraid of them.

Protection training a dog for your home is an accident waiting to happen, you must constantly work these animals. If you get sloppy with your training there is a high probability of someone in your home, getting bitten by this dog. And when you do get sued, if the opposing attorneys find out your dog was protection trained, boy your gonna be in some deep shit.

Back in the nineties, I learned how to do protection training from an retired U.S. Army K-9 corps specialist  (Vietnam Veteran). At the time I was rehabbing and re-homing  dogs for three different German Shepherd rescues, two in New York and one in Jersey. I lost count of how many dogs where coming into rescue protection trained, this is how I know it’s a really bad idea this type of training for your pet.

I knew that for me to be able to teach these dogs to stop going after people, I would have to learn the nuances of protection training. Call it what you like desensitizing, reprogramming or breaking they all mean the same dam thing, ” Stop doing that”. It’s actually a pretty easy process to retrain these dogs, the hard part is finding a suitable home where the adopters actually know dogs. Fortunately most of these guys found homes, with great dog people.

There are a lot of men out there, that if they see a law enforcement or military K9 dog on TV, going through their paces they will think to themselves, “I gotta get me a dog like that”. Ladies, if you have a boyfriend or husband  who comes to you one day and says, “Honey, why don’t we get a German Shepherd”. I don’t care what you have to do, make sure he doesn’t get one. Same thing goes for your son, if he asks for a big dog.

You do not need a protection trained dog to be safe. If you do worry about your safety, all you need is a decent size dog. A dog is a great deterrence, to ward off potential criminals.

The following are some pictures of Elliot, a coated or long haired German Shepherd that I modified and eliminated the protection training he had.









All Done

All Done


alan papszycki


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  2. We all know that dogs are bullet and knife proof.

  3. I’m sorry to hear dawgbiz talk about her dogs as substitutes for guns. She never said she loved them.
    Her tag says she combines dogs and “biz”. I don’t know what kind of business she’s in but I always worry when people use animals of any kind as income producers. Their priority may not be to provide a loving home for the animal, but rather to earn as much as possible.
    She says that her dogs are obedient to her and her family. I wonder if she’s aware that the pit bull CAN be aggressive to strange people and animals, especially if s/he is trained to “take a bite”. I have also lived with pitties, whom I dearly loved, but I soon learned what seemed like an obedient dog in MY home, with MY other dogs required expert training and socialization to make them happy and safe everywhere.
    Lastly, I think dwgbiz’s last sentence is telling…she calls protection training a “sport”!! Yeah, I guess like deer hunting, wolf hunting, duck hunting, etc. are sports…

  4. I like big dogs, I happen to enjoy owning several American Staffordshire Pitt bulls – both rescues by the way. Their ears are not cropped, they don’t wear big collars and I’m not a guy. Oh and by the way, one of them is trained to “watch”, “bark and guard”, take the bite, and to “out” on command. Why would I do that you ask? Because its illegal to carry a gun without a permit and its not illegal to walk your dog.

    My dog was trained without hurting him (I did the hands on with supervision of a trainer), he was tested first just to be sure it was something he’d enjoy doing. And then we started a slow process of working him through the steps.

    He’s also extremely obedient to me and my family. No one need fear getting hurt from my dog unless they should fear getting hurt because they’re doing something they shouldn’t.

    I’m sure there are many dogs out there that have been hurt in the process of protection training. But don’t discredit the entire sport because of a few stupid handlers and trainers.

  5. Thanks for your insight…amazing how many untrained people want to train their own. There is a lot that goes into training these dogs which is why they can charge upwards of $65,000. Read more at my blog,

  6. Thank you, Fred

  7. Very encouraging article about reprogramming. If only there were more people like you doing the same thing there would be a lot fewer dogs being euthanized for doing what they were trained to do.

  8. lol…I am gonna put the ruffle pic back…when either the Blue Jays start losing dismally or they don’t make it to the play -offs..
    I am not a sports fan…..only and only for the Toronto Blue Jays…I grew up watching them practice after school!!…I tried to find a dog dressed up in BJ uniform to make an avatar from…but go figure I never could find one!!

  9. Thanks…Hey, what happened to the cute dog in your avatar, maybe you should put those red ruffles on that baseball guy..
    Love what you did with fidosplace…

  10. Great article…you are so right about the ‘yapping’ of small dogs it’s enough to drive the owners insane….
    As far as ‘Quiche’ most of the men I have known are exceptional cooks and “quiche’ is always on their menu!!
    Real men do laundry and go grocery shopping too!! 🙂

  11. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptProtection training your dog unless your a professional, is just a bad idea. It’s the wanna be tough guys, that usually want this type of dog training. They want an animal to do what they cant do, intimidate someone. … […]

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