Time Outs and Dog Training, Does It Work

Using a dog crate can be useful to give you a break, and for eliminating the chance of destructive chewing behaviors while your not home. But as a tool for teaching behavior modification, it lacks usefulness.

This is another example of piss pore dog training advice, that will wind up getting your dog killed before you see any results. What exactly am I talking about ? Using your dogs crate as a form of punishment, in an attempt to modify any unwanted behavior. For some the current vernacular is known as, “The Time Out”.

It almost makes sense, if your senseless. Thankfully, our dog doesn’t have the capacity for logical thought as we know it. I say thankfully, because this is one of the reasons we love our dogs so much, they love us unconditionally. Our dogs don’t care about how much money we have the type of house we live in or the kind of car we drive. The only thing they care about is whether or not we spend time with them.

In the dog’s world, if someone gets out of line and doesn’t follow the rules. Another dog in the pack, not necessarily the alpha, will teach them a lesson through intimidation. And if the trouble maker was a little stubborn, they would get bit in the head, and that would get the point across to behave. Nowhere in a dogs mental capacity would he be sent to his cave, to reflect on what he did wrong. I’m really curious about what Einstein came up with this method of behavior modification and just as interesting, how did knowledgeable dog trainers decide to follow this advice.

A couple things dog crates are good for,

  1. A preventative method of curbing unwanted chewing behaviors. They do not learn anything from being in their crate, all it does is eliminates their opportunity to chew stuff up.
  2. The dog crate gives you a break, if you constantly have to tell your dog to stop bothering your company. Or chasing the cat.
  3. It can be used effectively for housebreaking an adult dog or an adolescent dog, that’s in the 14 to 16 month old range.
  4. It can keep your dog out of trouble, if your not home.
  5. A dog that’s nervous around people, and is comfortable is his crate. It may make him feel less nervous, if it’s not in a high traffic area.
  6. And some dogs just prefer sleeping in an open crate, if you have a busy household.

As you can see, a crate is useful for some things. And it is absolutely useless for dog training or attempting to modifying behaviors.


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