Dog Training, Online Scams ? You Decide

I typed in, ( dog training scams) into Google search, and this is one of the links that popped up. You will find a lot of ads like this, when searching for training help.

I real dog training site, whether I like them or not. Does not sell down loadable, amazing and guaranteed junk like this. They do in home dog training or if they have written a dog training book, will make it available for purchase.

You know from reading my stuff, that I wish the dog training community would upgrade their knowledge in regards to inherited behaviors. It’s the sites like these, that I absolutely hate. When their amazing new dog training systems fails someone, there is a high probability that the dog winds up dead.

The second link is my amazing dog training system.

Dog Training Institute:

Dog Training from Dr. Richard Kiesel PhD, Behavior Modification

Rip-off Report: Dog Training Institute dogtraining


2 Responses

  1. I agree what you said is true. If the buyer is smart . whether they make a purchase of dog training book. Make sure is fully money back guarantee within time period. I don’t think the online scam can make some profit killing. By the way, I have some dog training tips articles for specific dog’s behavior problems for dog owner’s reference. Check this out

  2. Realy good forum that helped me alot is : hxxp://training-germanshepherd[com]

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