Family life and stress. The dog effect.

Did you know that one of the reasons for turmoil and general unhappiness in our family can be caused by our pet dog. That’s right, little Fido can reek havoc on our family life, and general well being, if hes not taught some very simple rules, while hes still a young puppy.

It is much easier to teach your puppy dog, your household rules when hes still little. Not because of that old adage, “you cant teach old dogs new tricks”. But because, as he reaches the ages of five, six or seven months , now he is a much larger size version of your once little puppy. The significance of this increased size is, that our family might start becoming a little hesitant and nervous around him. Yeah I know it might sound hard to believe that we can actually become afraid of our little ball of fur. But I’ve seen that exact same thing happen thousands of times.

All of those puppy behaviors your little guy was doing when he was two, three, four months of age, and you thought was just absolutely adorable, does not seem so adorable now that he weighs 60 or 70 pounds. Now it just pisses us off.
So the best piece of advice I can give you on how to have a happy and relaxed dog is, make him part of your family. Spend some quality time with your dog. Everybody spends time with the NEW puppy we get. The problems start surfacing, as the puppy gets a little older and we begin getting a little tired of our new toy. Our family still loves the dog but unless we show our love in away our dog can understand, he’s going to interpret that as “We don’t want him around anymore”. Then you will have some serious dog problems to deal with.

So, whats the most important thing we can do, that will give us a great start to having a dog that’s a joy to be around ? That’s right! Just spend time with him. Even when he’s no longer that cute adorable little puppy.

The Spirit Dog


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