Alpha or Nervous Dog Behavior

We can easily be confused into thinking our nervous dog, is displaying alpha dog behaviors. So what’s the difference.

An alpha is generally quiet, he gets his way by looking at another dog or you a certain way. As compared to a nervous dog, who will get very vocal and seem menacing if you try to go near what he considers his property.

An alpha dog behavior is like John Travolta in the movie, “Get Shorty”. A nervous dog is like Woody Allen in any movie.

An alpha, doesn’t freak out when you have people visit your home. A nervous dog acts like a scared college kid in a horror movie, they lose it.

An alpha dog is normally great around children, company and other dogs, unless of course somebody messes with him. A nervous dog is usually not good around children, company and other dogs.

An alpha is a confident dog, there’s not a whole lot that ruffles their feathers. A nervous dog will need a lot of Tums. ( Do Not Give Your Dog Tums )

An alpha is comfortable with people that he meets for the first time, with very few exceptions. A nervous dog doesn’t like meeting anything new.

This is just a quick list, to help you understand a little bit better, some of the key differences between an alpha dog and a nervous one.

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