Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach

Is there anybody home in your house during the day. If the answer is no, I want you to forget about everything you’ve ever read about housebreaking or house training your puppy. We must housebreak your puppy using a new and more logical approach.

Sadly in this day and age, where most families need two incomes. The dog training sites I visit, never address this issue. They are still teaching the same puppy housebreaking methods, that have been taught for the last forty or fifty years. A housebreaking method that was based on at least one family member being home all day.

Still they plainly tell you that your puppy is a baby, and you shouldn’t expected him to “Hold it”, for more than a couple hours. ( This is accurate information ). As dog trainers we must take into consideration the unique dynamics of todays families, to more efficiently housebreak a puppy.

To often in the same breath that your being told, your puppy needs to go out every couple of hours. We are also telling you that, your puppies inherited behavior teaches them not to soil where they sleep. So make sure your puppies crate is small enough to eliminate the possibility of them relieving himself at one end of his crate, and laying on the other end…. Do you see the problem with this ? You must !!

If nobodies home during the day, inherited behavior or not, your puppy will go to the bathroom in his crate. Then when you come home and see that, your going to freak out. Your not going to remember the part about, letting your puppy out every couple hours. Your going to remember the part that said, “Your puppy will not go to the bathroom in his crate”.

We must think in more modern terms, of housebreaking to better help our clients with their dogs.

The point here is, you can follow the traditional teachings on housebreaking. The one modification you must make is, giving your puppy enough room. So when he does go to the bathroom, he doesn’t have to lay in his mess until you come home. If you have a crate divider, remove it. If you haven’t purchased anything yet, and you don’t foresee your dog staying in a crate when your not home. Consider buying a puppy pen, instead of a crate.

Puppy Pen

Puppy Pen

Image courtesy of

WHO WE ARESpirit Animal Sanctuary Boonville New York

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5 Responses

  1. See what you do is place a blanket over the crate. You wont have an issue with what you cant see. Plus the puppies go to sleep whenever it goes dark. Kind of like a parrot.

  2. Hi Spirit Dog, is it okay to leave your dog outside (seems nicer than a crate to me!) when you’re not home, if it has a bed, food, water, shelter, and a secure back yard? That’s what I do. She’s still a little puppy though.

  3. […] Housebreaking puppy training, The new logical approach […]

  4. Your article was very interesting to read. It really gives one food for thought and will help me as I try to explain crate training to buyers who both work outside the home. As a dog breeder with 6 Yorkie housemates my life has it’s share of training problems. But I wouldn’t trade my pack of Yorkies and litters of puppies for a more carefree life. I can’t imagine life without them.
    www [dot] carlar [dot] net

  5. I never ‘got’ the crate thing…seems to be an american fad…

    anyway I found this in my travels..its specific for Danes but would be applicable for any dog.

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