Which breed of dog is the safest

The safest breed of dog for kids.

Is a dog that a child can easily handle.

There are really no, “Safe” breeds of dog. That you can choose and never have to worry about behavior issues with. They all have predator’s teeth, and they all can bite us. A dog is only as safe as our abilities to train him, allow. Which means if we are good with dogs most of the behavior problems that do pop up, we can deal with relatively easily. On the other hand, if we become confused as to why our dog is doing something, then we may be in for some trouble.

I have said this before, and I’m going to say it again. If you do not know what breed of dog would be a good fit for your household, buy a small breed dog. Not a big breed dog, not a medium sized breed dog, a small breed dog.

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If you meet two dogs, a big dog and a small dog, that you do not know. Which size dog, are you more comfortable with. If you can honestly say you are comfortable with both of them, excellent buy any breed dog you like. But if you are more comfortable with the smaller dog breeds, you have your answer on what kind of dog you should get. A little dog.

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Every day we receive email notifications, just like all animal rescues do. With pictures and info about what animal shelter today, is about to euthanize, thirty, forty, fifty dogs in the coming days. Always asking to help or pass the email along. When you look at the list, of soon to be dead dogs. There are very few, if any small breed dogs. Why, they get adopted by people reasonable quickly, or they are snatched up by other dog rescues. Small breeds are good for business, every body wants them. A lot of dog rescues are realizing this, and will no longer take larger breed dogs.

So you see, it’s my goal to get people to understand that regardless of what breed of dog you get. They will all give you problems. The little guys can bounce around to a few different homes, until they land in a home where the people finally understand them. The medium and big dogs, don’t get that luxury.

Before you buy a new puppy, honestly evaluate your comfort level, with different size dogs. If you have small children, a small breed of dog should be and is your Safest choice.

The Spirit Dog


5 Responses

  1. Hello Brittany
    Those little guys always think their the boss, must have a Napoleon complex thing going on.

  2. Wow, you got three puppies and your still reasonable sane ? Did you get all these guys when they were 8,9,10 weeks old, or did somebody else have them first ?

  3. i own a 2 brindle pitbulls and a pomeririan/ shitzu ten month o th puppy. mt two pits are highly entergetic being only 1 year old and only 8 months old. Both dogs would never hurt me or my family but the hybrid puppy thinks shes the boss and requiresb alot of attention and like to be petted 24/7.

  4. Thank You APRIL

    Because even the largest breed’s of dogs, are so cute, adorable and irresistible, as tiny puppies. Many people don’t realize how quickly they grow, than the dog owners may start becoming uncomfortable around the bigger version of the little guy.

    If everybody thought like you, very few dogs would wind up being abandoned.

    And besides, the little guys are just so delicious.

  5. Great website. I agree with the level of “comfort” you have with the dog. My level of comfort with a dog compared to my level of comfort with a dog around my children COULD NOT be more different. I found that I was NOT comfortable (always felt on edge) with a young German Shepherd we fostered from a shelter – luckily we were able to find him a home quickly to a loving middle-aged couple with no children who would have the time to train a German Shepherd. He was a wonderful, obedient, highly-intelligent, sweet and well-behaved boy – but I could never relax with him around my daughters. If I did not have young children I would have kept him forever, but I knew I had to be the alpha-dog in the house and as he got older he would sense that I had some fear about him with my kids. He was 50 pounds at 4 months old and I knew there was no way I could have a large dog while my kids are small. An irritated “play bite” from him could take half their face off – I don’t mean to be gross but it’s the truth and I don’t think people consider that. It’s not worth the risk. A dog deserves to be in a comfortable home that is a good fit for him/her too! In closing, we decided to adopt a young Boston Terrier. She’s perfect for us.

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