Dog Crates , Puppy kennels

Choosing between the available dog crates on the pet supply market, is really a matter of personal preference.

Dog crates over the years have gotten very fancy and pricey. But there are still basically only two popular designs, the wire mesh or plastic crate. Choosing one that’s best for your dog, should take precedent over how it’s going to look in your home.

The wire crates offer your dog, better visibility and air circulation, than the plastic crates. So if your house is not air conditioned in the summer, you should probably think about getting the wire crate. They both set up easily enough, although the wire crate is much heavier.

They are both pretty easy to clean, and are in similar price ranges. Which ever type you choose, I would suggest you buy these bowls that are called coop cups, for water. Get the ones that clamp on, not the ones that just hook on, your dog can knock them off. They range in size from 5oz up to 96oz. Water is very important, especially if you do not have air conditioning. There probably aren’t any statistics for dogs that died of heat stroke during the summer months in their crate. Make sure they have water. Better safe than sorry.

Coop Cup with clamp



Wire Mesh Crate



Plastic Kennel



All images courtesy of, KV vet supply,, We use them exclusively, because they have everything.

The Spirit Dog


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  1. Similar to corrugated fiberboard in overall characteristics, plastic corrugated is typically extruded from polypropylene. Advantages include excellent moisture resistance and increased durability. Also can be use with Foam, corrugated and wood

  2. Give your dogs the best dog crates.

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