How well do you know dogs

I have to mention this, because inevitable when I help out dog owners, gain a firmer grip on canine behavior. The comments the individual dog owners commonly make, are well, all to common, ” I’ve had dogs my whole life”.

We often make the mistake of thinking, because we have grown up with dogs, in our family. We have the experience it requires to successfully integrate a new puppy or dog into our home. The reality of it is, if you grew up with a dog, that was your parents dog you grew up with, not yours.

Your parents, ( most likely your mom) where the ones responsible for housebreaking, general training, feeding, veterinary care, grooming, socializing, playing and all around general maintenance for that animal.

Sure you may have walked the dog once in awhile, maybe even fed them on occasion. But the daily needs, 365 days a year fell on someone else’s shoulders, and not yours.

The point of this is. To many of us out there have the tendency to dump our dog at the shelter, at the first signs of trouble. Because we think we have experience, and our experience tells us, that a dog shouldn’t do that. As a child, we didn’t have to deal with the behavior issues that pop up in our dogs. Our parents did.



The Spirit Dog


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  1. Hi Beth, this is the right place.

    I would need for you to answer one question first. ( Does he listen to you 100% in your house ? ) If the answer is no, then you’ve got some work cut out for you.

    With out having a bunch of additional information about your
    dogs. I’m going to give you two options ;

    ( 1 ) Get yourself a long line, like a hundred foot piece of multi colored rope, ( not cotton, they break to easy ) .The same hardware store you buy the line at, will have bolt snaps, ( those are the things at the end of your leash ). Get a good brass bolt snap, about three or four dollars, the rope should be $12 to $17. ( You might want to wear a pair of garden gloves, or something if you try this. You can get a nice friction burn if your not paying close enough attention to him, and he takes off.)

    Now you have a giant leash, that’s not tied to anything. Now you have to practice. When you take him out, unravel the line and lay it on the ground. You do not hold the line at the end of the rope. You start off by holding it, so he has about 15 or 20 feet. ( I don’t know how close your road is.)

    Before he starts wandering away, you call him. If he comes, act like you just won the lottery, praise him like you are a little kid talking to him.

    If he doesn’t come, give the line a quick yank to get his attention. You ARE NOT yanking him for a correction, it’s like if someone pokes you, because your not listening to them. That’s all were doing here, getting his attention.

    As you become better with teaching him, and he starts listening at longer and longer distances. you will no longer need to hold the rope, but be ready to grab it, at any second. At some point, to be totally sure that we have trained him properly. You have to make sure, some of this stuff was taught to him, while there was some good distractions, ( the cat or whatever gets him excited).

    *** If you need me to be more specific, with more details. Ask.****

    ( 2 ) If your dogs life is at stake here, and you don’t have the time to train him with the long line. You may want to think about getting one of those electronic shock collars. Your still going to have to go through a training schedule with him. But these things tend to work pretty quickly.( If your going to go this way. Get in touch with me, so I can tell you how you should do it. )

    With out knowing more about you and your dogs, its very limited on what I can tell you. Before I even get to a clients house, I already know what the dog is thinking. It’s the dog owners, that I have to figure out, when I get there. They are the students, not their dog.

    Good Luck, Beth. If you have more questions, please ask.

    The Spirit Dog

    We’re in the country to. It’s the milk trucks that go flying by. Well, actually, everybody goes flying by.

  2. hi i am new to this site so i dont know if im even in the right place to ask a question. i need help seriously with one possibly 2 of my dogs. The main problem child is a 3 year old rescue named Ziggy. we live in the country so we dont always put him on a leash because we think its cruel to kennel him all day and then confine him even more outside. anyway the problem is he dosent listen at all when we call him, ever never. so even when hes running into the road and im chasing and screaming he still dosent listen. im so afraid he will get hit along with my cat hes chasing or the neighbors dog whatever i dont want to see anything bad happen to him. please please please help. thank you beth

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